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Is your business as social as your customers?

“Put yourselves in the customer's shoes.” That’s a phrase that I have heard, experienced, and advocated for time and again over the years. There is a constant need for enterprises to have direct visibility into the customer's mind. Kind of like having a movie entitled What customers want? with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt, similar to What women want? The urge to penetrate the customer's mind drives surveys, focus groups, opinion polls, suggestion boxes … the methods of traditional feedback mechanisms is long. Yet, when I am a customer, I’m not shy about sharing my feelings or experiences in social media channels. And I’m not alone.


Customers, in other words, have gone social. Question is: Has your business gone social?

The new world of social customers


There’s a session at HP Discover, in Frankfurt entitled, Creating a Socially Enabled Business (#BB2908), led by HP Business Consultant Mark Perrett. He defines Social Intelligence as a process that is completely integrated with your business strategy. This process amplifies the impact of every function and initiative by leveraging the power of human networks via social platforms.


In this session, Perrett will initially walk through the traditional methods of comprehending the customer's voice. He will then explain how customers communicate today, and the vital role human networks play, via social platforms. 


He’ll also:

  • Walk through a reference architecture for gathering social intelligence to realize business benefits.
  • Explain how social business impact your ROI
  • Detail HP's approach for:
    • Collecting the voice of the customer
    • Managing a dialogue and interaction with customers
    • Monitoring key performance indicators
    • Extracting actionable meaning (Reminds me of how HP Autonomy’s Stouffer Egan turned the table on computers in the previous HP Discover conference in Las Vegas)
    • Discuss customer use cases where these techniques can be effectively applied
    • Highlight HP's deep industry and domain expertise in this space

When I put myself in a customer’s shoes, I see a big difference between traditional and social feedback mechanisms.


For example, occasionally at my local coffee shop I’m given a survey to be filled out on their website. I never do it. But ICoffee Shop Tweet.jpg am not shy about sharing my views on the quality of their coffee and their service in social media channels. I do that on my time, and only if I want to. I would expect this nationwide chain of coffee shops to glean the social sentiment of customers like myself. Businesses that can glean such information are better positioned to listen to the voice of the customer, because they are as social as their customers.


How about you? How social is your business? How do you continuously analyze the sentiment of your customers? Please let me know.


I look forward to attending Perrett's session in Frankfurt, and would encourage you to register as well. You will get a comprehensive perspective on the options available for balancing the social presence of your business.


I look forward to seeing you there — right after I get a cup of coffee, savor it, drink it and tweet about it.


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