Journey through Enterprise IT Services
In Journey through Enterprise IT Services, Nadhan, HP Distinguished Technologist, explores the IT Services industry, and discusses technology trends in simplified terms.

Cloud integration – a new platform for innovation

Cloud integration is the “third era” of IT according to Mike Nefkens, EVP of Enterprise Services at HP, in this article, How a garage-based start-up is once again redefining the way companies do business.  The agility of a Cloud based infrastructure positions enterprises to deliver on the demands of the digital customer in this new era.  Nefkens takes the example of airlines where disparate applications for reservations, baggage and flight operations do not interact with each other when there is a crisis that demands instant response.  Transforming these applications to the cloud enables seamless integration thereby driving a timely response to the customer. But, are such intersections of different domains just integrations – or can they be new platforms for innovation? Let us see.

Big Data combats next generation of security challenges at HP Discover

"Are you feeling secure lately?" Every time this question comes up, the first concern that usually comes to our mind is our data.  Who is accessing our data? What is their intent?  Data security is a board level concern for enterprises.  However, what is intriguing is that the solution to counter these concerns may lie within Big Data itself.  The HP Discover Barcelona sessions on the Security track provide some useful tips on how Big Data Analytics can be used effectively by enterprises to proactively glean more intelligence around security.  Not too long ago Big Data had voiced its own concern in an Open Letter to Enterprise IT explaining that it would surely feel good to be secure! It is almost as if Big Data is taking matters into its own hands now to combat the next generation of security challenges at HP Discover!

5 Words that describe IT Culture for the Next Generation CIO

There was a CIOChat held recently on 5 words that best describe IT culture.  There were many phrases and combination of words that brought out various aspects of enterprise culture in general as well as the culture of Enterprise IT in particular.  “Culture is really important … You also need to develop a culture that is open to change”, says HP EVP of Technology and Operations John Hinshaw in this interview by Peter High on Forbes as part of the Beyond CIO series that highlights CIOs taking on roles with expanded purviews.  Hinshaw describes his experience growing from a CIO in the years past to his current role where the CIO and IT report to him, as do several other business units.  After reflecting on what was shared by my peers in the CIOchat, and reading Hinshaw’s interview in Forbes, here is my take on 5 words that best describe IT culture.

Back to the Future of Innovation at HP Discover

HP Discover Innovation Theater sessions have always made me wonder what it takes for innovative concepts to unravel in the human brain.  Back in 1957, Issac Asimov explained that the confluence of intersecting thoughts triggers new creative ideas (thanks to Arthur Obermayer for sharing this in the MIT Technology Review).  This might explain how the intersecting perspectives of Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard gave birth to Silicon Valley in the HP Garage while at the crossroads of simplicity and entrepreneurship.  Join me as I explore HP Discover Barcelona to check out the future of innovation.

Sprout by HP blends the reality of the physical and the digital worlds

"We believe it can change the world”, says HP executive vice president Dion Weisler of Blended Reality.  Weisler is referring to HP Sprout, a design-oriented computing system that lets people scan and manipulate 2-D and 3-D objects.  It would not have surprised Issac Asimov, who asserted way back 1957 that creative ideas stem from people capable of making the right connections across knowledge domains. “It represents a whole new category (not just your ordinary PC)”, according to HP Distinguished Technologist Brad Short in this USA Today interviewJoin me as I explore the reality of what is getting “blended” and how it could potentially change the world of user experience.

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