Journey through Enterprise IT Services
In Journey through Enterprise IT Services, Nadhan, HP Distinguished Technologist, explores the IT Services industry, and discusses technology trends in simplified terms.

Big Data is nothing unless it can support analytics

“Big Data is nothing unless it can support Analytics,” asserts the abstract for the Impact of Big Data Enterprises keynote at The Open Group Conference in Philadelphia. Michael Cavaretta, Technical Lead, Predictive Analytics / Data Mining, Research and Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company will be delivering this keynote, which highlights technologies and examples of companies using data and analytics from various perspectives. I find the abstract extremely interesting and look forward to this session. Here’s why:

Realizing the Return on Individuals

Less than a year ago, I blogged about my son starting a new phase of his life by going to college. You may recall my posts triggered by subsequent visits to his college concerning the right test environment for cloud computing as well as innovation being part of the enterprise bloodstream. And now, it’s that time of the year when college-going kids come back home for the summer and, for some of them, it’s graduation time. On my way back home with my son, I wondered why and how he's better off today than he was a year ago. This article on LinkedIn by Jeff Selingo goes so far as to question the returns from a college education. But is it the returns from the college education, or are we really talking about the return on the individual? Is this another definition for ROI — after the one on information, infrastructure, and innovation? I wonder.

From the desk of Big Data - Humanizing your bits into my bytes

Hello Enterprise IT! This is Data.


My roots may be in the zeroes and ones, which gave definition to my presence, and we have undergone various forms of structured and unstructured transformations into brontobytes of data. People have successfully processed, analyzed and informationalized me by turning the tables on computers. They have leveraged us through carefully placed sensors, wearable devices and robotics to introduce automation. But when I see what researchers at EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) have accomplished, I am looking forward to a whole new universe for my long-term persistence — Deoxyribonucleic acid — Hello DNA!

From the desk of Big Data – Changes to your job description

Hello, Enterprise IT. This is Data.


By now, I have walked you through realizing the big picture and introduced you to my new Master. In this post, I am going to explain how my pervasive presence within your enterprise is requiring adjustments to your job descriptions. For enterprise IT to effectively realize business value from my presence, you need to grow your current responsibilities and expand your approaches to executing existing duties.

From the desk of Big Data - Meet my new master

Hello, enterprise IT:

This is Data. In my first post, I shared the steps you can take to realize the big picture. In this post, I share my perspective on my various masters over the years. I recently saw a presentation by Rich Vancil, Group VP of the Executive Advisory Group and Kathleen Schaub Research VP and CMO Advisory Service from IDC. They explained how and why I should start getting accustomed to being led by a whole new master. Someone I would not have thought about in the recent past. But then again, I’ve had so many masters; it’s hard to know whom to follow next! No matter. I always manage to adapt.

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