Journey through Enterprise IT Services
In Journey through Enterprise IT Services, Nadhan, HP Distinguished Technologist, explores the IT Services industry, and discusses technology trends in simplified terms.

Analyze This: Big Data is insurance against losing a competitive edge

“Data is key to what we do,” says Barry Ralston, Assistant VP of Data Management at Infinity Insurance in his interview with Dana Gardner. Infinity, a billion-dollar property and casualty company, works with large volumes of data about customers, policies, payments, and etc. To retain a competitive edge in their industry sector, enterprises must proactively apply complex analytical techniques on data that matters. And they must do this quickly. This will protect them against unforeseen market downturns, such as consumers insuring themselves against unexpected calamities. So, where can enterprises get this insurance (of sorts) against the possibility of losing their competitive edge? Ralston's detailed explanation of Infinity’s solution suggests that the answer might be staring at us in the face — Hello Big Data! Let’s see how.

Information is most valuable — when delivered on time

  • When it comes to applying economics to the most valuable asset in the enterprise, timely availability of the relevant information is vital. The same information may not be as applicable if it is presented outside the critical time window without context. For example, knowing where your favorite restaurant is located becomes meaningful when you are hungry. There are multiple time dimensions when it comes to the systemic delivery of information through various channels — including desktop devices of record, mobile BYOD devices of engagement and of course, printers.

From the desk of Big Data - Humanizing your bits into my bytes

Hello Enterprise IT! This is Data.


My roots may be in the zeroes and ones, which gave definition to my presence, and we have undergone various forms of structured and unstructured transformations into brontobytes of data. People have successfully processed, analyzed and informationalized me by turning the tables on computers. They have leveraged us through carefully placed sensors, wearable devices and robotics to introduce automation. But when I see what researchers at EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) have accomplished, I am looking forward to a whole new universe for my long-term persistence — Deoxyribonucleic acid — Hello DNA!

From the Desk of Big Data – Who is my Valentine?

Hello, Enterprise IT. This is Data.


It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m looking forward to going out for a candle-lit dinner, roses, the whole works. But I wonder. Who is my Valentine this year? Looking across the Enterprise IT landscape, I see several entities that have a vital role in sustaining my presence. Yet I’m really confused about who is the one best suited for the critical role of Valentine for Big Data.


Let me explain in detail the candidate Valentines and the reason for my confusion.

Using the right Big Data tool helps win presidential elections—Vertica Analytics Platform

Big Data analytics played a significant role in Barack Obama's presidential campaign as outlined in this featured story in the MIT Technology Review by Sasha Issenberg. In order to understand the underlying voter sentiment that drove their strategies in various voter segments, the campaign needed to informationalize their 180-million-person voter file, as well as the data about volunteers, donors and online constituents. And they needed to do this fast with two very simple objectives—get 2008 Obama voters to do it again; and register and mobilize new voters. To do this, they needed a robust analytics platform.

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