Journey through Enterprise IT Services
In Journey through Enterprise IT Services, Nadhan, HP Distinguished Technologist, explores the IT Services industry, and discusses technology trends in simplified terms.

WYOD — Wear Your Own Devices — the wardrobe of the next generation

I’m a home office worker, using the efficiencies of virtual communication and collaboration technologies to maximize productivity. While work never stops, I am allowed certain degrees of freedom during the work day that an office environment doesn’t provide. For example, take my "attire" for the work day. I stay in casual attire that I am used to during off-hours. However, the emerging focus on wearables is painting a very different picture about my attire. It is a new world where the devices you wear are more likely to catch someone’s eye than your regular clothing. Wow! Look at that trend-setting dude wearing all those cool devices! Welcome to the world of Wear Your Own Devices (WYOD). Join me as I transform – head to toe – to supplement my usual attire with the wardrobe of the next generation.

Architecting your ecosystem around the Systems of Engagement

When he commented on my blog post, Albert Vargas posed Geoffrey Moore and I an interesting question. He asked, “What are some key elements that you should consider when architecting a System of Engagement (S.O.E)?” Systems of Engagement have been in place ever since the dawn of time. For example, the first marketplace was a system of engagement. We have innovated our technology in today’s world to the point where BYOD, mobility and social media have served as catalysts to trade a whole new set of assets — information! So the question is not about architecting a System of Engagement. Instead, it is about architecting our ecosystem around these Systems of Engagement.

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