Journey through Enterprise IT Services
In Journey through Enterprise IT Services, Nadhan, HP Distinguished Technologist, explores the IT Services industry, and discusses technology trends in simplified terms.

I cannot even begin to imagine the ROI from HP Discover

By now, I have discussed multiple dimensions of ROI in addition to its original expansion — Return on Investment. HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt triggered my thoughts on the Return on Information. 3D Mobile Technology from HP Labs introduced me to Return on Innovation. Bringing my son back home from college triggered the Return on Individuals. Moonshot technology contributed to the Return on Infrastructure. And I thought I had seen it all. Until I saw the abstract on the IT3351 session at HP Discover in Barcelona. Had it not been for this abstract, I could not have even begun to imagine the thoughts shared below.

Top 5 tips for Enterprises to use their most valuable resources

HP CEO Meg Whitman shares her top five tips for CEOs in this article in Forbes that help the CEO of this global enterprise spend her most valuable resource — time — in an effective manner. Upon a closer look, I realize that these tips could also apply to individuals who are not CEOs (take me for instance). More important, they could be extended to the very enterprises that CEOs lead – following a New Style of IT that Whitman outlined at HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt. Let’s see how.

Realizing the Return on Individuals

Less than a year ago, I blogged about my son starting a new phase of his life by going to college. You may recall my posts triggered by subsequent visits to his college concerning the right test environment for cloud computing as well as innovation being part of the enterprise bloodstream. And now, it’s that time of the year when college-going kids come back home for the summer and, for some of them, it’s graduation time. On my way back home with my son, I wondered why and how he's better off today than he was a year ago. This article on LinkedIn by Jeff Selingo goes so far as to question the returns from a college education. But is it the returns from the college education, or are we really talking about the return on the individual? Is this another definition for ROI — after the one on information, infrastructure, and innovation? I wonder.

HP Moonshot servers give ROI a third definition

I had recently discussed ROI taking on a new definition — Return on Information — making the point that enterprises need to take action on Big Data in order to realize the business value of their most valuable asset. But there is another dimension to gaining value from data, especially when it comes to hosting brontobytes of data in a scalable infrastructure. In order for enterprises to act quickly, data needs to be available in an easily accessible, compact infrastructure; an environment where structured and unstructured data can be informationalized at a reduced cost. In other words, enterprises must realize their Return on Infrastructure — the third dimension of ROI.

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