Journey through Enterprise IT Services
In Journey through Enterprise IT Services, Nadhan, HP Distinguished Technologist, explores the IT Services industry, and discusses technology trends in simplified terms.

Architecting your ecosystem around the Systems of Engagement

When he commented on my blog post, Albert Vargas posed Geoffrey Moore and I an interesting question. He asked, “What are some key elements that you should consider when architecting a System of Engagement (S.O.E)?” Systems of Engagement have been in place ever since the dawn of time. For example, the first marketplace was a system of engagement. We have innovated our technology in today’s world to the point where BYOD, mobility and social media have served as catalysts to trade a whole new set of assets — information! So the question is not about architecting a System of Engagement. Instead, it is about architecting our ecosystem around these Systems of Engagement.

Maximizing the value of Systems of Engagement

Enterprises must work towards transforming their Systems of Record in a manner that best addresses their winning partnership with the Systems of Engagement. The abstract for the HP Discover 2013 session, DT3024 - Systems of Record: extracting value from your traditional applications asserts, “If you want to be effective, you need to understand your current applications portfolio, rationalize it and selectively migrate it to the cloud.” As narrated in this video on HP Applications Transformation and Systems of Engagement, Systems of Record can’t be overlooked. After all, they run today’s organizations even though they may be complicated and expensive.

Engage with the Nucleus of IT at HP Discover 2013

I am a big fan of Geoffrey Moore. His key messages around Applications Transformation and the Cloud correlate perfectly with my own. For instance, take my assertion that CIOs need a System of Engagement with the CMO based on a Geoffrey Moore interview. Earlier, I wondered if Mother Nature is the CIO of the planet. So I was very interested when I read the session abstract for HP Discover 2013 Track Keynote: How the user is the new center of IT, which references Moore's observation that the “… next trillion dollars of IT spend will be directed at Systems of Engagement.”


And I’m thinking: Why not?

3 Systems of Engagement in your daily lives

In a recent interview, Geoffrey Moore explained that embracing Systems of Engagement and integrating them with the traditional Systems of Record will prepare enterprises for the competitive Future of IT. But, what are Systems of Engagement? Are these systems that compile the right information at the right time based upon the data available in the Systems of Record? Perhaps. Let us take a look at three real-life scenarios that highlight why Systems of Engagement are vital to enterprises looking to be key players in the future of Enterprise IT.

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