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Itanium and IT Vendor Commitment - One Issue, Many Voices

About 4 weeks ago Oracle announced that they would be halting all future development on Itanium and that the end was nigh for the chip.  The next day, Intel shot back with a public statement stating that was certainly not the case: Intel Reaffirms Commitment to Itanium.  Plenty has been written afterwards.  Here at HP, we are fighting hard on behalf of our mission-critical computing customers but it is you that has the most powerful voice.  Oracle didn't ask you before they made their decision, but you can continue to speak out now and tell Oracle how you feel about this decision, and how it impacts your business, your peace of mind, your bottom line.  Tell them to change course - and put you, the customer first.


What else has been said in the media (social and traditional) in the past month? Here's a collection of several of the key pieces published. You can also search #Itanium and #customersfirst on twitter to see what's been said.



Article Roundup


HP Itanium Fans Rally to Chip’s Defense, Hope to Change Oracle’s Mind

All Things Digital, April 14, 2011

Summary: Highlights HP partner videos and the fact “HP partners who have for one reason or another hitched their wagon to the Itanium train and rely on Oracle software describe how the decision is going to cause trouble for them and for their customers.”


HP Recruits Customers, Partners In Feud With Oracle Over Itanium

CRN, April 14, 2011 

Summary: Showcases the ease in migrating to HP servers; highlights HP customers and channel partners are speak out against Oracle’s decision to end software development for Itanium.


HP Users Push Oracle to Reverse Itanium Decision

eWEEK, April 14, 2011

Summary: Focuses on HP clients and partners running Itanium and their frustrations with Oracle’s decision


HP Rounds Up Customers to Have a Go at Oracle

The Inquirer, April 13, 2011

Summary: Extensively quotes HP executives, customers and partners – thereby highlighting the industry’s dissatisfaction towards Oracle’s decision   


Intel Boosts Key Chip Line

The Wall Street Journal, April 5, 2011

Summary: While covering Intel’s new Xeon chips, HP is quoted noting the mission-critical capabilities of Itanium chips compared to the new Intel line of Xeon chips.  


Oracle's Itanium move shakes up IT agendas

Computerworld, April 4, 2011

Summary: Discusses the negative implications for customers in the wake of Oracle’s announcement and the possible shifts that will need to be made by customers running Oracle databases and applications on Hewlett-Packard servers.


The end of comity in IT

CNET, April 1, 2011

Summary:  Pointing to HP and Oracle’s recent interactions as a prime example of how courtesy is increasing scare between IT vendors, this article also alludes to how Oracle’s actions may be repeated in other partnerships with vendors such as IBM, Red Hat and Dell.


HP Bashes Oracle Again, Urges Customers to Demand Itanium Support

Softpedia, March 30, 2011

Summary: Quoting critiques by HP executives, the article notes Oracle’s desire to migrate them to Sun SPARC platforms at the expense of customers.


HP Looks to Partners for Help in Oracle-Itanium Debate 

eWEEK, March 30, 2011

Summary: In addition to quoting HP executives pledging support for Itanium, the piece includes feedback from an analyst noting HP’s market growing momentum in the Unix market over Oracle Sun, something they are trying to counter by forcing customers to Sun SPAR servers.


HP Americas Partner Conference: Keynotes Target Oracle, Cisco 

The VAR Guy, March 29, 2011

Summary: Coverage of HP’s Americas Partners Conference highlights HP’s momentum in the channel and includes HP’s requests for partners to urge Oracle to change their decision on Itanium.


HP to Partners: Demand Itanium-Supporting Software from Oracle 

Xbit Labs, March 29, 2011

Summary: Following the conversation at HP’s Americas Partners Conference, the author notes HP remarks asking partners to contact Oracle to change its Itanium decision.


HP Asks Partners to Help Change Oracle’s Mind on Itanium 

CRN, March 29, 2011

Summary: HP executives and a channel partner critique Oracle’s decision and urge partners to voice their Itanium concerns to Oracle


HP CEO Apotheker Slams Oracle for Quitting Itanium 

CRN, March 28, 2011

Summary: HP CEO Léo Apotheker notes the importance of putting customers first as he calls on channel partners to voice their opinion about Itanium to Oracle.


Practical Analysis: Oracle Vs. HP – Who’s Got Your Back?

InformationWeek, March 28, 2011

Summary: While comparing the approaches of HP and Oracle to Itanium users, the author praises HP for putting customers first.


Itanium Dump Could Cost Oracle Billions

InformationWeek, March 25, 2011

Summary: An analysis of Oracle’s motives for their Itanium announcement suggests it coming from a desire to force customers into purchasing Sun SPARC hardware.


HP Continues to Support Itanium-Based Server Platform

InfoTech, March 25, 2011
Summary: In contrast to Oracle’s decision, HP and Intel pledge continued support for Itanium customers.


HP Partner: Oracle Itanium Statement Desperate

Channel Insider, March 25, 2011

Summary: Discussing Oracle’s Itanium decision, an HP and Oracle partner is critical of Oracle’s decision and notes that more customers look to HP rather than Sun for their technology hardware needs.


At What Price? Oracle v HP

Nina Buik’s Blog (Connect), March 24, 2011

Summary: An article from Connect notes the strong user community response in support of HP and Itanium following Oracle’s decision.


 HP blasts Oracle over Itanium decision

V3.co.uk, March 24, 2011

Summary: Assessing Oracle’s Itanium decision, a Forrester Research analyst noting that HP’s critique of Oracle’s Itanium decision is warranted.


HP 'shocked' by Oracle's Itanium decision

Computerworld, March 24, 2011

Summary: While reviewing Oracle’s Itanium decision, an IDC analyst supports HP’s sentiment that Oracle’s move is a disservice to customers. The piece also highlights recent HP advancements to their NonStop portfolio running on Itanium.


Itanium's not dead, say parents Intel and HP

ZDNet UK, March 24, 2011

Summary: Incorporating statements by HP and Intel, the author notes that the companies have pledged support that extends “10 years into the future” for Itanium despite Oracle’s decision.


The curious incident of Oracle and HP-UX on Itanium

The Register, March 24, 2011

Summary: Emphasizing that HP and Intel have long promoted the future road map for Itanium, the journalist notes that Oracle’s decision is driven by a desire to lock customers into their proprietary offerings, reminiscent of 1960s-era technology monopolies.


Oracle Tries to Beat Itanium to Death with a FUD Stick

IT Business Edge, March 23, 2011

Summary: An analyst accuses Oracle of shameless FUD and predicts big days ahead for HP and Itanium customers despite Oracle’s claims.


Intel to Oracle: That’s Okay, We’ll Have a Great Itanium Party Without You

All Things Digital,  March 23, 2011

Summary: Noting Intel’s roadmap for the next two generations of Itanium, the article highlights Intel’s response to Oracle’s claims as well as including HP’s critique of their Itanium decision.


HP: We Will Support Itanium, HP UX for More Than Ten Years.

XBit Labs, March 23, 2011

Summary: While highlighting HP and Intel’s commitment to Itanium’s future, the author mentions that HP is gaining market share in the Unix space while Sun is losing customers.


Note: This list is not intended to be exhaustive. Articles are the viewpoint of the authors writing the piece, not HP.


Readers, if you want a good forum to get together and talk about all of this with HP, why not come to HP Discover this year -- June 6th-10th in Las Vegas.  Yet another avenue to express your thoughts and concerns.





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