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NonStop Manageability Update: Manage your Converged Infrastructure Efficiently

During HP Discover 2012 in June in Las Vegas, one of the breakout sessions I presented was “NonStop Manageability Update: Manage your Converged Infrastructure Efficiently”. In quite a fully packed room, it was difficult to even give a glimpse of all the new features we have added in many manageability products throughout the year – in 45 minutes. So, there was naturally lot of discussions with many customers and partners right after the session, and throughout the conference – which I enjoyed a lot.


If you had registered for HP Discover, you can download my and many other presentations directly from HP Discover website. In this blog, I want to give a summary of the material I presented, and a list of recent enhancements in major NonStop manageability products.


HP Converged Infrastructure


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HP Converged Infrastructure enables an organization to transform technology, people, and processes into a business advantage, by turning technology silos into adaptive pools of assets that can be shared by many applications and managed as a Service. It helps an organization drive business growth by accelerating IT innovation and responsiveness, manage risks by accelerating security and disaster recovery, and lower costs by accelerating ROI and sustainability.






NonStop Manageability

Manageability is an important aspect of Converged Infrastructure. It helps organizations leverage the same set of people and management applications and business processes for different platforms, operating systems, technologies, etc.


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Based on the NonStop manageability strategy of customer satisfaction, customer choice, and enterprise integration, while providing best TCO and best TCE to customers and integrating with HP Converged Infrastructure, NonStop has a comprehensive set of manageability products, which can be roughly categorized into 6 categories.



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Major recent enhancements



  • Support of NS2200, SSD, IB CLIMs, core licensing and disk partitioning
  • Down-system CLIM firmware update tool
  • DHCP DNS Configuration Wizard
  • Windows Server 2008-based deskside NSC
  • IPv6 support
  • DHCP and DNS server status monitoring
  • Ability to listen on a specific IP address
  • Suppression of creation of specific alarms
  • Synchronization of iLO clock with NonStop OS clock

HP Insight Control Power Management (ICpwr)

  • Monitoring of power utilization – per blade, per c-Class enclosure, per rack or per NonStop BladeSystem
  • Monitoring of inlet air temperature and 24-hour peak temperature – per blade, per c-class enclosure, per rack or per NonStop BladeSystem
  • Integration of NonStop BladeSystems and NS-series servers in Data Center Power Control rules for controlled graceful shut down for power conservation or to deal with emergency situations
  • Display of CPU utilization together with the power utilization for blades in NonStop BladeSystems

NonStop Software Essentials

  • Server component included in NonStop OS RVU J06.13/H06.24 and later, and can also be downloaded from SPR Scout
  • Windows and Linux client components included in HP Insight Control for NonStop 6.3 (companion DVD to NonStop System Console Installer, Update 17) and later, and can also be downloaded from SPR Scout

Introducing…HP Insight Control for NonStop

Includes the following components:

  • HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM)
  • HP Insight Control Power Management (ICpwr)
  • HP NonStop Software Essentials

HP Insight Control for NonStop is shipped free of charge on companion DVD to NonStop System Console (NSC) Installer, starting with Update 17, and is pre-installed on all NSCs shipped with Windows Server 2008 OS.


NonStop Cluster Essentials

  • Support of remote SQL Server database of HP SIM on Windows CMS
  • Ability to export the data from the Consistency Check tables in the Software Version Status Tool to a CSV file
  • 64-bit Windows and Linux CMS support
  • VMWare ESX and ESXi CMS support

NonStop Performance Essentials

  • Support of remote SQL Server database of HP SIM on Windows CMS
  • Usability enhancements
  • 64-bit Windows CMS support
  • VMWare ESX and ESXi CMS support

NonStop I/O Essentials

  • Support of remote SQL Server database of HP SIM on Windows CMS
  • New tasks for disk partition management, Storage CLIM LUN configuration comparison, and display of all CLIM configuration attributes
  • 64-bit Windows and Linux CMS support
  • VMWare ESX and ESXi CMS support

Web ViewPoint

  • Extremely efficient event retrieval
  • Read-only view of Business Application Manual
  • Easy retrieval of pre-defined EMS filter files
  • Ability to save and reuse user settings
  • 64-bit Windows support
  • Internet Explorer 8 support

Performance Management Bundle

  • Release of NPR
    • 15 reports and 14 graphs
    • Graphical representation of system entities and their performance characteristics
    • Automated organization and presentation of performance data that can be easily E-mailed or integrated into other reports
    • Easy selection, filtering and archiving of performance data
    • Analysis feature
  • Processing improvements and ability to input Measure data collection directly in GPA
  • New SQL Database engine, major user interface enhancements, and major optimization, data management and run-time improvements in all Workstation-based products

Operations Agent for NonStop (OVNM)

  • HP Operations Version 9 support for Windows, Linux and HP-UX
  • SNMP Adapter support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES

Performance Agent for NonStop (OVNPM)

  • NB54000c support
  • Limits increased for DISK, TCPIP and USERDEF objects

Availability, Statistics and Performance (ASAP)

  • Support for SSL-based communication
  • Digital signing support
  • Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 support

Real-time Process Monitor (RPM)

  • 10 new “”By” item discovery, sorting, and selection criteria
  • 10-100 times reduction in CPU and message overhead
  • Simultaneous views of short-term and long-term CPU and process usage statistics


  • Ability to configure specific times for sync operations
  • New command to initiate immediate sync
  • Option to specify local IP interface to use
  • Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 support
  • Improved compatibility with older NTP clients


  • NB54000c, NB50000c, NS2200, NS2000 and NS14200 support
  • Support of CLIM-attached SAS and XP24000 disks
  • Write Cache Enable (WCE) support
  • Support of OSS, SQL/MP and SQL/MX process categories
  • Support of new Measure file formats
  • Support of new TS/MP versions
  • Support of multiple Auxiliary Audit trails
  • Excel 2007 support
  • Windows 7 and Windows Vista support


As you can see, we have been very busy in the NonStop manageability area throughout the year. Most of these enhancements are direct result of feedback from the users. So, keep that feedback coming.


A white paper that should help you decide the most appropriate management applications for your environment can be found at http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/GetPDF.aspx/4AA2-0482ENW.pdf.


And of course, for all your NonStop manageability needs, go to http://www.hp.com/go/nonstop/operationsmanagement.

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