XP clean install vs upgrade? 510 w/ W98 (63 Views)
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XP clean install vs upgrade? 510 w/ W98

I got a great deal on a Omnibook 510 (currently about half price from Unity Electonics) with W98 installed. I have a new full version of XP that I'd like to install. How much functionality will I lose by doing a clean install? I assume that this is the way to go, since it would not leave any conflicts on the system - but do I lose much software or any functionality that way?

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Re: XP clean install vs upgrade? 510 w/ W98

Hi Leonard,

Your Omnibook should be fully functional after you install the Windows XP drivers that are available here:

Hope this helps.
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Re: XP clean install vs upgrade? 510 w/ W98

You should backup your current C:\HP directory. Some program files are stored there and you might be able to reinstall them after loading XP onto the Omnibook. But since most of these programs are for Windows 98, you'll probably lose most of the included software due to incompatibilities.
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Re: XP clean install vs upgrade? 510 w/ W98

Thanks to both of you. The computer actually arrived DOA and I'm sending it in to HP for repair before I can do any of this.

Another question about installing XP on this machine, though. The instructions that come with the drivers disk state:

HP recommends that you repartition and format your hard disk before installing
retail Windows XP. This will delete all content on the HDD so make sure you have a
backup of your data and SW before continuing. Follow the instructions below to
create the diagnostic partition.

1. Insert the bootable Recovery CD in the CD-ROM drive.

2. Boot the HP Notebook, press ESC and select the CD-ROM/DVD as the boot device.

3. Click "Continue" on the Recovery screen to enter the menu.

4. Click "Advanced" on the Recovery CD-ROM menu.

5. Choose the option "Do not load operating system" then choose
"hibernate partition only" and click Continue.

6. Click "OK" to proceed with repartitioning.

7. When message "Hibernation partition successfully created" appears on screen,
reboot the computer.

- My question - will the Windows 98 recovery disc create the proper partition for later use by Windows XP? What file system does this "diagnostic/hybernate partition" use anyway?

My thought was to install XP and to format the drive with NTFS - but I guess I also need to either leave the current diagnostic/hybnernate partition alone or create a new one, right?

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Re: XP clean install vs upgrade? 510 w/ W98

Best to leave the current diagnostic partition, then update HPDiags after your XP install.
Partition Magic 7 shows the diags partition as a hidden SaveToDisk - can't perform any operations on it except for delete.
XP's Disk Manager shows it as a basic FAT EISA partition. Again, no options to do anything with it.

You can only create it using a recovery CD as you detailed, and that creation process will delete any and all existing partitions on the drive.

When installing XP, leave the diags partition, and install in the free space after the diags partition - your choice of FAT32 or NTFS. If you are more comfortable with FAT32 while you debug your install and drivers, remember that you can convert to NTFS later from the OS.

Good Luck,
Paul K

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