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Bad Fans and Overheating

I have read countless articles about our laptops overheating and locking up, and quite a few articles concerning fan failures.

I have one unit that it getting its fouth fan unit!

I think its time that HP admits they have a defect, and notify all affected customers.


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Re: Bad Fans and Overheating

I think almost everyone here has had problems with a HP notebook. I've even seen problems solved by the folks here while HP Support was clueless, thanks to dedicated individuals in almost constant contact. While I agree some improvements need to be made at HP, the concern you address is better directed to HP Customer Advocates who have the ability to rectify the problems you're having.

I'm most certain HP does not intentionally make defective units. It is also significantly more cost effective to rectify a problem such as this than mask it. I've had countless frustrating encounters with HP Support, but in the end they seem to be genuinely concerned about providing a quality product. I too have remaining open service tickets that hopefully will be closed shortly. A Customer Advocate has been most helpful in rectifying the problems I've been having, and I again urge you to contact one.

You didn't state which unit you own, nor what operating system. It seems there have been several causes for fan problems, some operating system related, independent of HP design. There were 51 web pages full of topics when I first started reading. Thanks to Brian Auyoung, S. Chang, and Chris Kucy, among many other people, all 51 pages of links made for good reading. I found that even though a topic didn't cover a unit I own, it often led to related solutions for other problems I was having and didn't know the cause of.

I have personally built and programmed computers for over twenty years. I am a hard-core machine-language "ain't got no stinkin' compiler" programmer with a background in electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, and physics. I have my own lab, website with various servers in two States, and have consulted for various companies for over nine years. I still don't know it all, and am sure I never will.
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Re: Bad Fans and Overheating

Maybe I am just lucky, but my N5420L has not had a single problem in the year I have owned it. The few problems it did have were all of my own fault and were easily fixed, one of those problems caused by my 8 year old cousin who knocked off a capacitor which screwed up the dvd drive and now it only plays dvd's but cannot read or even detect regular cd's. That is the last time I am ever going to leave the the computer unatteded while partially disassembled for a hardrive switch. I probably will need a new motherboard for that one. It does seem that the problems appear to be concentrated in but not limited to the ZT series. I have also seen numerous problems in the other 54xx series too. As other people have said, the problems posted in this forum are only represent a very small portion of the total people who own these notebooks, so we really have no idea if all the others have the same problems, but it seems they would since there is such a large number here with the same problems.
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Re: Bad Fans and Overheating

Many of these situations have involved what amount to alterations to the original product, be they BIOS or OS upgrades (or downgrades, as in my case with XP-to-Win2K). When we choose to tweak our systems (yes, I'm as guilty as anyone else out there), we must be prepared for the consequences of such "improvements".

However, it would seem additional involvement by HP Support on a more meaningful level is needed, 'specially with hardware or BIOS issues, if even only half the complaints are legit.

My laptop is a Pavilion N5000 (built to order ... more or less) with AMD Athlon 4 1.1 processor, ALi MAGik 1 chipset, Trident Cyberblade XP video & the GE 1.03 bios. My only "real" issue has been a faulty LCD cable which caused intermittent display problems for about a month before it finally failed & I shipped it back. HP found the problem & repaired it under warranty. My only problem with them was that, even though I had explained the situation on the phone & in a memo included with the returned computer, the technician chose to reformat the harddrive & reinstall WinXP ... even though I had retrograded to Win2k (quite successfully, by the way) ... yeah, I had a backup, but it wasn't quite current, since the display failed before I could accomplish this final task.

My only other task with HP is the way they ship the software (OS & other included programs) as recovery CDs ... we have, after all, paid for it & should have access to, for example, Windows XP without having to
reformat/reinstall the entire system. I know there are "justifications" for this, but don't buy it. However, this is no longer a problem for me since the "downgrade" ...

As to the overheating/fan problems: yes, that is apparently an issue that needs addressing, since many folks out there seem to be encountering this problem. My Pavilion runs hot (or at least very warm) all the time. The fan, however, works just fine ... even under Win2K. I have observed that intense DVD/CD use creates significant heat as does the Linksys WPC11 Network PC card. I also have heat problems when playing Motocross Madness 2 (which, yes, I really shouldn't expect to even run at all on this laptop!) ... to the point of causing lockup after 20 or 30 minutes. A quick reboot & all is well again ...

My solution to this is as follows:

1. Added a couple of 1" tall rubber "feet" (who knows why this isn't part of the design) to the bottom back corners to raise the unit off the surface & let air circulate under that really hot battery.

2. Remove the Linksys WPC11 when not actually in use ... this card generates significant heat which must be removed somehow & that little fan ain't gonna do it!

3. Don't leave a CD in the drive if it's not need ... for the same reason as #2.

So there you are ... my 2.5 cents worth on this stormy Monday morning ...

Live well & in peace ...

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Re: Bad Fans and Overheating

Hello all,

Messages that threaten legal action against HP are not appropriate for these forums, and are deleted or edited per the advice of HP Counsel.

Thank you,

Rob D'Adamo
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Re: Bad Fans and Overheating

I appreciate you diligence on the behalf of HP, Rob, but the only mention of legal action in my reply was to say that it was not needed. In no way did I advocate legal action, so editing my memo was not necessary ...

But thanks anyway ... it is some comfort to know that at least someone is watching over us.

So Joe, as an addendum to my original reply: since initiating & adhering to those three procedures some two weeks ago, I have had no further heat related problems with this Pavilion & as a matter of fact have noticed that it seems to be running much cooler overall (not totally sure tho, since there is no thermal monitoring in place on this unit), even when play Motocross Madness 2.

Live long & prosper ...
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