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Networking ME/98 and XP (49 Views)
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Networking ME/98 and XP

I'm having problems connecting my Pavilion Desktop (running Windows ME) and My Pavilion Notebook (running XP) with a crossover cable.

They are connected, sharing is enabled. One computer's IP is set to and the other is Subnet mask is XP firewall is turned off. Workgroup names are the same.

When I use the ping command to ping or, I get "Destination host unreachable."

That's all I can think of. Any ideas what's wrong?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Networking ME/98 and XP

I have noticed this problem with w98/me and Xp. Sometimes I need to reset w98 PC and everything goes fine. But... TCP/IP settings 'client for Microsoft networks' and.. anything else (try to install 'file and printer sharing for Microsoft network')? Try to change workgroups to let say 'everyone'.Set network adapter to 'enable'. Did you check the crossover cable?
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Re: Networking ME/98 and XP

What network protocol are you using and what logon? TCP/IP and Client for Microsoft Networks I hope. A more typical IP address would be and, but yours should work. You also need to be certain if one is a 10 Mbs card and the other is a 10/100 that the 10/100 is set to auto-detect and downclock to 10 Mbps.
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Re: Networking ME/98 and XP

Your subnet mask is possibly too specific for an IP address starting with 10. Try setting both machines to for a subnet mask.

The Destination Host Unreachable means it does not know how to reach the IP address you're trying to ping. Request timed out would appear if it knew how to reach the destination, but got no response.
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