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ze1250 freezes regularly

My brand new ze1250 freezes several times an hour.

I called HP support. I went online with a "service" agent.

Both times, I was told that I needed to upgrade BIOS. I went to the e-diag tool and tried to upgrade and was told that no new BIOS image exists.

Back to online support: I was told that I needed to download BIOS via a floppy drive, which I don't, of course, have on this machine.

Helpfully, the "service" agent let me know that I can purchase said USB floppy drive.

Reading thru previous conversations here, I am now concerned that the external floppy drive is not going to help with my problem.

I am furious, and feel like I have been taken to the cleaners by HP.

Any suggestions?
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Re: ze1250 freezes regularly

Yes but it is not real easy. You need to have a computer with a floppy drive and a CD burner. Make the BIOS floppy and then burn a bootable CD-ROM using floppy emulation and the BIOS floppy as the image. Then you can flash the BIOS from the CD drive. Most CD burning software will have the capability to make a bootable CD using floppy emulation. Your computer will think it is booting from a floppy when you boot from the CD.
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Re: ze1250 freezes regularly

Actually the USB floppy drive is a bootable device.
You need only create the disk from the downloaded file, boot from it and follow the instructions.

As far as the FDD goes, I think you can get a rebate on the drive for models with no internal floppy, net cost is near S&H.

Check hpshopping.com for rebate info.

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Re: ze1250 freezes regularly

I went ahead and ordered the USB floppy. No rebates are available on this particular model (only the ZT series gets rebates). So, in a couple of days, I'll know if this will work. In either case, I'll post an update here and let y'all know, or beg for further instructions. Maybe a cool, swift kick in the RAM will help this computer perform better....
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Re: ze1250 freezes regularly


I have seen people get rebates with ZT, ZE and XF types of noteboks.
It really only has to do with which drive.

Check out this link for the printable online rebate form!


Essentially some sort of rebate form should come with the package, but ya never know.

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Re: ze1250 freezes regularly

You do need to update your Bios. It is not necessary to purchase an external floppy because you can do it from your laptop while online as follows.
-1st Make sure you are connected online.
-Go to "Start Menu"
-Go to "All Programs"
-Go to Hewlett-Packard
-Go to HP-e-DiagTools
-Open "e-DiagTools for Windows"
-once the software opens there will be a series of buttons across the top.
-simply 'hover' the mouse over each on because one of them is for UPGRADING the BIOS.
-Click it. It will ask for your connection type. One given it will automatically download the latest bios.
-when finished it will give you the opportunity to disconnect and turn off firewall, virus software etc.
-then click the install button and wait.
-It will take a second, then will install itself and reboot your laptop before you finish coffee.
-I did it because I had the same problem. I'm over a week now with NO lockups.
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Re: ze1250 freezes regularly

I've gone the e-diag tools way.

This is the site I connect to: http://h20004.www2.hp.com/keeper_rnotes/bsdmatrix/matrix86593.html

When I try to download the latest BIOS, the response is NO NEW BIOS IMAGE AVAILABLE.

I addressed that problem with HP support, and they told me that that is known to them and they don't know the ETA of the new BIOS on that site. I had the choice of waiting for them to get "with it" or to try the "buy the floppy" way.

My frustration has reached critical mass, no kidding.
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Re: ze1250 freezes regularly

On the floppy drive rebate issue, there should be a $50 rebate coupon hidden inside the large envelope that says "open me". The cost of the USB floppy is $50 + shipping from hpshopping.com. I was able to easily flash the BIOS by booting from the floppy although you need to hit the ESC key on bootup to change the boot order. The new BIOS pretty much solved my lockup problems with the ze1250, although there have still been 2 lockups in the 4 weeks or so since I did the upgrade.
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Re: ze1250 freezes regularly

I just wanted to update y'all on my continuing saga with ze1250: this a.m. the last straw broke the camel's back (machine froze 3 times during start up), and I took the machine back to Office Depot, where an incredibly NICE and understanding customer service rep exchanged it for another one (even though the exchange period had more than run out).

We'll see how this new one performs.

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Re: ze1250 freezes regularly

I myself went on the HP e-diag tool, downloaded the new BIOS, and I haven't had a crash since. I've been doing everything possible to crash it but nothing yet.
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Re: ze1250 freezes regularly

My first ze1250 frooze every 5 - 10 minutes -- I returned it and this new one also freezes every 10 minutes !! A friend of mine bought 2 for his business and those both freeze as well. HP support told me, "Well, hmmm, we've never heard of that problem before..." -- This is a very faulty product and they're doing everything to keep us quiet --
I've tried to upload a new bios from the DIAG tools, but it keeps saying "change your Server URL settings" --
-- i haven't tried the floppy drive, --- why should i go out and buy one just to repair an HP problem -- can anyone help?? thanks

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Re: ze1250 freezes regularly

Well, I own two of these. A ze1230 & and xf328=ze1250. First, I never really encountered the freezing problem until I got the xf328. I found myself in the same disposition as everyone here. However, I did download the new Bios. I had bought the usb a: drive but was too lazy to update bios that way. 2nd, I updated both Laptops to Xp Pro. Never froze the ze1230. I even ran Photoshop and ImageReady at the same time. As far as eDiagTool. You need to click on UPDATE, then set your connection. I have DSL and a network at home and I placed it on LAN. It downloaded the BIOS fine and I opened both ADobe and no problems so far. It's a cheap laptop with a lot of good features for the price. Cheap Video Chip and a lack for an A: Drive. You can't even install it internaly. Lets be serious, for $1000 and 1.53 ghz laptop with 15" screen is just a blessing. The fact that it does not weight too much and it's ultrathin is good too.
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Re: ze1250 freezes regularly


The correct path that should be in your e-diag tool connection is as follows.
Please use this and the BIOS download should work.
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Re: ze1250 freezes regularly


I have also a Pavilion ZE1250 and it freezes regularly, enough to drive me nuts! It makes it impossible to work decently.
The Bios that I have is really crappy - doesn't allow me to set practically nothing - what is HP afraid of ?!

I tried the eDTWin utility (HP e-diag) to upgrade my Bios, but I get an error message saying that "This application runs only on supported HP computers having a HP Utility Partition on the hard-disk". My laptop is a refurb one, which could explain this.
However, now I have this problem, and I thank you in advance for answering me if you have some hints:
1. how can I make a HP Utility Partition?
2. is there any other way to make the HP e-diag work ?
3. can somebody send me a link with the most recent HP Bios upgrade for Pavilion ze1250?
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