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HP JetAdmin to HP Web Jetadmin


I have both of the above products installed on my Windows 2000 workstation, versions 3.42 and 7.

I can discover over 820 printers using the old software but only 150 or so with the Web version. I can also export a list from version 3.42 but what do I do with it ?

I am trying to find out which of our printers are capable of duplex printing, and so far I cannot discover all of out printers.

A number of printers have both IP and IPX bound, but I currently need to discover through IPX as all printers have at least that protocol bound.

Any ideas how I can either import the file created from 3.42 or run a complete discovery using only IPX would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: HP JetAdmin to HP Web Jetadmin

are all those printers on the same subnet ?
is your webjetadmin set for discovering the complete subnet ?
does it use a broadcast (nb routers usually block broadcasts !!!) or does it a scan within an ip-range.

have these printers a different snmp-comunity set ?

suggestion :
if you manually add one of the "unknown" printers can webjetadmin reach this printer ?

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Re: HP JetAdmin to HP Web Jetadmin

I know I don't answer but it seems that all questions that toche the discovery of remote subnets that worked so well with the old jet admin don't work with the webjetadmin. As all others I run a complete descovery using Ip, Ip discovery and ARP Table discovery and it seems that it found a lot more that it displays in All Devices view.
Chris tries to import the list but I simply ask how to have the results of the discovery available in Devices views.
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