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OK, this is NUTS. I am thinking of offering some kind of reward for a working solution on this nightmare...maybe some free surfing lessons or perhaps 3 more years in high school... Here is the scenario:

Small LAN: 2 printers hooked locally to an NT4 WS using a Belkin Autoswitch and auto-switching software: (1) BW laser and (1) Color DeskJet 2000C or Cse. On a dual-boot computer running Win95B (OSR2) and Win2K Pro, we attempt to print to the networked printers. When using the W95 OS, there is NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER switching back and forth to either network printer. But when using the Win2K Pro OS, it will only switch TO the BW laser Okidata printer and not the other way around. Not only that, but it WON'T PRINT TO THE DJ2000C WHATSOEVER, even when we manually set the port!. In other words, it will print to the laser printer no matter where the port is set, but it will NOT print to the 2000C NO MATTER WHERE THE PORT IS SET. It shows the OS connecting to the printer ok...but when you print, the status box just shows the document "printed" and it just sits there. There is data being transferred through the LAN but nothing happens. Any of the other NT machines within the LAN work as flawlessly as the W95 machine, but the Win2K system refuses to print to the 2000C printer.

How come it works perfectly in W95 with the exact same machine using the exact same hardware but it won't work in Win2000?!! and it works great with all other NT or W95 machines! Without having to load up any other systems with W2K just to troubleshoot this nightmare, does anyone have any clues here?
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