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LaserJet 4 Plus 80 service (0009)

4 Plus has "80 service (0009)" error message on panel. Looked it up, but doesn't say what the specific error is, just to consult service. Already talked to our local IT person and the response is to can it and get another. Unfortunately, budget doesn't allow that so any response would help. It is a network printer, there have not been any changes lately, it has been working just fine, and the pcs using it vary in brand and run w2k prof and win98.
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Re: LaserJet 4 Plus 80 service (0009)


Welcome to the community. I have a "little" more information about the 80 service error and what it indicates. But, I'm hoping that one of our "hands on" participants of the forum will jump on with what exactly you would need to resolve the problem completely.

Here is what I found:

The 80 service error indicates that a modular I/O interface error has occurred. Document the error code, the numbers displayed indicate a specific error for service personnel. Turn the printer off and back on. If the error persists, consult service.

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Re: LaserJet 4 Plus 80 service (0009)

Hi there!

The HP service manual says the 80 error is "an irrecoverable error by the MIO card".

I would turn the power off, re-seat the Jet direct card then power on.

If you still get the error, replace the card.

A further test would be to take a known good card from another 4 series printer and try that in the failing unit. You can put the suspect card into the know good unit as well. If the error stays with the failing printer, it's not the Jetdirect card. If the error goes with suspect card to the know good printer, it's surely the card.

Good Luck

Todd H.
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Re: LaserJet 4 Plus 80 service (0009)

Thanks Rachelle, but IT person said there was similar problem at another location and that HP no longer provided support for that particular printer. :(
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Re: LaserJet 4 Plus 80 service (0009)

had this with an third-party network card for HP-laserjets (XCD)
This card was selected because it could also talk LAT-protocol.
Problem was solved by reloading the firmware
not neccesarely a newer version reloading with the same version also worked.
but i suggest using the latest (bug fixes, new options).
appearently in our situation the flashed-program solves any "fallen bit's"

NB! also duplicate networkadresses can cause the problem.
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Re: LaserJet 4 Plus 80 service (0009)

ask your IT guy if they changed network hubs/switches when the problems started.

If it is the MIO card, take it out and see if the printer starts up OK. If so, put the card back in and perform cold reset. You do that by holding down control panel buttons as you turn the printer on. I don't know which buttons for your printer, someone else here can tell you.

If you determine the MIO card is bad, HP still sells 'em for this printer. It's the same card as for their LJ 5 printers. It's cheaper than a new printer. If it's the printer that cannot communicate with the card, you need a board in the printer. I'm not sure what it costs.
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Re: LaserJet 4 Plus 80 service (0009)

Hi, we've had the same problem and discovered the firmware on the card needs to be upgraded. This can be affected by if you upgrade your network to anewer version, i.e Netware 5/5 or Windows 2k etc. Hope this helps
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Re: LaserJet 4 Plus 80 service (0009)

Hi, I think this has to do with Netware. You have to upgrade the firmware of the card BEFORE you try to configure it. So first do a 'cold start' (power on while pressing on line button), then do an upgrade with HP Download manager. After that it works!!
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Re: LaserJet 4 Plus 80 service (0009)

80 SERVICE 0009 occurs when there is a trouble with the I/O card that connects to the RJ45.

Shut printer OFF, unhook RJ45 and back ON
If the error has gone and you Shut printer OFF,
re hook the RJ45 and put it back on and the error is there again, I'd consider calling HP because I believe there is a Recall on this !

*I very rarely connect to the internet, but just did some tests and had another card on hands, so I simply wanted to send input on what was wrong.

Be well and good luck,

Daniel /
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