'a0P' from HP LJ8550DN (197 Views)
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'a0P' from HP LJ8550DN

I am having some fun with a HP LJ 8550DN printer!
Before each print out, the printer produces a
page containing just the three letters 'a0P' at the top left of the
page. This is happening consistently from the Windows 95 PC's set-up to
this printer, using the PCL 5c and the PS drivers provided on the
installation CD and also from HPs website download centre. This is now
becoming a problem, not only because of the paper being used but also
because of the printing time being doubled for all print jobs. Any help
and guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: 'a0P' from HP LJ8550DN


Try going into the drivers and uncheckeding the seperator page

that should work

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Re: 'a0P' from HP LJ8550DN

I would strongly call into HP Customer Care for this. Phone based support would be better suited to resolve this issue.

1-208-323-2551 is the number to call. At the Voice System, simply say 8550 and wait for the operator to connect you through.

Mainly most issues are resolved over the phone, providing there are no parts required, and will provide you a good level of service.

Good luck in this and good day!
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Re: 'a0P' from HP LJ8550DN


I have tried that and it still continues with 'a0P'.

If i remove the drivers and reinstall it goes away until anything to do with the calendar is printer from Outlook, any version. Then we have 'a0P' before every print!
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Re: 'a0P' from HP LJ8550DN

Are you printing to an IP address? If so, what is the port type? If it is not an HP standard TCP/IP port, then you need the network printer wizard.
Run a search from hp.com for the abbreviations INPW. This will produce a list of documents for the install network printer wizard. Click on the link for INPW 3.0 printing in a Windows TCP/IP enviornment. The only thing you'll need from the printer is the IP address.
Please don't forget the points if it helps. Best of luck...
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Re: 'a0P' from HP LJ8550DN

This issue could be from using the old cd to install the drivers originally. The cd may have corrupted something. The key here would be to do a complete removal of the driver because there would still be files leftover on your machines even though you installed the drivers from the web. I will explain the removal in the following.
1. I would first print a test page from each driver.
2. Close all applications and run the un-installer
3. Shut down the pc
4. Start the PC and ensure there are no printer icons left in the printer window
5. Search the pc and delete each file listed on the test page from the location shown on the test page. Only the files stated as used by this printer.
6. Shut down the PC
7. Restart the pc.
8. Very important, close all applications and any running software programs, especially the virus scanner.
9. Use add printer to install the driver from the files downloaded from the web, not the cd.
10. During install do not choose network printer continue and choose the HP Standard TCP/IP port you had previously created
11. Do not do a test page or set the driver as default unlesss this is the only driver you have.
12. Do not go into the driver until both are installed and you have shut down the pc
13. Shut down the PC.
14. Ensure the files you are printing are not many folders down in a file directory.
15. If the issue continues please call 208-323-2551. Please have a detailed explaination all all steps previously performed.
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Re: 'a0P' from HP LJ8550DN

I am having this same problem, and it has not always done this. It may also be worth noting, that the page comes out in black and white instead of color.

Please let me know if you found a solution. You can email praegerk at yahoo dot com.

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