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10 Cool things about the coolest industry servers: the HP ProLiant Gen8 Rack-Servers

It was just a short while ago, February 2012 to be exact, that HP announced the world’s smartest and most self-sufficient servers. Servers that fundamentally redefine the expectations and economics of the data center by creating systems so intelligent they virtually take care of themselves these are the new HP ProLiant Gen8 Server family. These servers were customer-inspired and including over 150 design innovations that allow administrators to increase application performance, and free up resources to focus on business innovation. Powered by HP ProActive Insight architecture, the HP ProLiant Gen8 servers constantly analyze over a thousand system parameters to maximize application performance and proactively improve uptime—all while providing actionable insight into every aspect of your IT infrastructure.


1. Early video. We specifically designed in the ability to display video within 3 seconds[1] after the server is powered on. This is in contrast to previous generation servers which could take one or more minutes to receive video, thus giving you status and error alerts where previously they would receive a black screen no boot error.


2. HP Intelligent Provisioning. Everything you need is preloaded for painless system setup and deployment. In fact, this leads to 45 percent fewer steps[2] and 3 times faster deployment[3].


 3. HP Active Health. Your 24/7 mission control for automated monitoring, diagnostics, and alerting. The goal of HP Active Health is to log potentially useful information before any failure occurs, resulting in 5 times faster problem analysis[4].


 4. Agentless Management. Get all core management functions for internal system components including health monitoring and alerting without ANY drivers or agents installed. Enhanced intelligence equals higher performance for managed systems.


 5. HP Smart Update. Part of our new “smart movement” in HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, this technology lets you sequence, stage and schedule consistent updates across hundreds of servers at once, resulting in 69% less admin time[5].


 6. HP Smart Storage. With HP Smart Drive carriers optimized for solid state technology, HP ProLiant Gen8 servers provide a balanced system architecture consisting of HP Smart Storage, HP SmartMemory and HP Flexible Networking technology, delivering 6 times faster solid state storage performance[6] versus previous generations.


7.  Discovery Services. With embedded intelligence across three dimensions (location, power utilization and thermal demand), users gain a unique level of visibility and control over their data center energy efficiency.

HP Location Discovery Services: Enables energy-aware workload placement and automate asset management.

HP Thermal Discovery Services: Reduces energy usage and increase compute capacity.

• HP Power Discovery Services: Eliminates power configuration errors and precisely track power usage by rack and server.


8.  HP Insight Online. The industry’s first cloud-based management and support portal gives you anywhere, anytime, any device as well as user-friendly access to track server health and events and rapidly resolve issues.


9. Elegant system design. Virtually eliminate common problems that cause downtime and data loss with designed-in quality throughout and intuitive simplicity—like a HP Smart Socket guide to reduce server outages due to bent processor pins.


10. FlexibleLOM. A choice of LOM (LAN on motherboard) gives you flexibility, cost savings, and component serviceability. In fact, you can customize your server’s networking today and change it to meet future needs without overhauling the server infrastructure.


Ten truly great reasons why HP ProLiant Gen8 DL Servers are smarter for your business! Check-out more reasons here and have a wonderful Christmas time!

[1] Based on internal testing with a fully online firmware and system software update with HP SUM 5.0 vs. HP SUM 4.2

[2] Reduced the number of steps from 9 to 5 by consolidating and automating steps

[3] Based on HP internal testing with a fully online firmware and system software update with HP SUM 5.0 vs. HP SUM 4.2

[4] Based on HP internal testing to run and send the RPS report vs. Active Health

[5] Based on HP internal testing with a fully online firmware and system software update with HP SUM 5.0 vs. HP SUM 4.2.

[6] HP internal testing: New HP Smart Array controllers (ProLiant Gen8) compared to the current generation HP Smart Array controllers (ProLiant G7) in a  RAID configuration. Performance varies depending on server configuration

msmith | ‎01-04-2013 06:00 PM

 HP Smart Storage is such an impressive feature because solid state drives are now larger in capacity and more affordable.


All 10 of these features translates into concrete benefits for the comapny or organization.

Server Rack | ‎01-22-2013 11:04 AM

Rack company should be the leading server rack's manufacturers and supplier, should be known for providing best in class server racks.

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