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HP and Sun partnership: Why it Matters to the customer

By Jeff Carlat


You thought it would never happen: arch rivals, HP and Sun, partnering. Well, I have news for you: HP and Sun are collaborating, and we are both excited about it.  If you haven't already heard, yesterday, we announced a three-year agreement.  What does this mean? HP can now distribute and support Solaris 10 across our ProLiant and BladeSystem x86 platforms. 

HP can help YOU, our customers, confidently deploy and support Solaris workloads on ProLiant.  This is big news!  This partnership with Sun will also enable Solaris 10 to run best on ProLiant.  While it can be debated whether Solaris runs best on ProLiant or Solaris runs best on Sun or other x86 hardware, this agreement is significant for our customers - as it will dramatically improve the experience when it runs on ProLiant. 

Go ahead, choose for yourself, but this partnership is designed to meet needs communicated through customer feedback. In turn,  we are executing on giving you, the customer, a better experience when running Solaris 10 on ProLiant.  HP + Sun are partnering for you.

Want to know how the new HP Tower UPS perform in a Real Field Test?

While in the development process, our HP engineers put our products through rigorous testing and qualification to make sure they are of the highest quality and are compatible with all HP ProLiant computer systems and servers .  Extensive evaluation, testing, and product improvement guarantee the highest level of system protection, electrical performance, product quality and compatibility. This testing allows us to offer the highest quality Uninterruptible Power Systems with a 3-year limited warranty and our exclusive 60-day Battery Pre-Failure Warranty.

Our engineers really analyze our product to the extreme...but everyone knows it's our sales guys who are our toughest critics.

The sales teams are on the front lines dealing with the good, the bad, and the ugly.  They listen to our customers and provide the development team feedback.  They want to insure they we develop a product that they can sell; one that beats the competition hands-down in quality and total cost of ownership.  They scrutinize every detail of our UPS's, and this time they put our UPS to the test.

Below is an email I received from one of our outside sales guys regarding our new tower T750 G2 UPS, which we launched on Nov. 17th... I think it speaks for itself. (Below the story is further product information)

Here in the East we experienced a tremendous ice storm on late Thursday evening, which left many Massachusetts/New Hampshire communities without power, including the town in which I live.  It will be weeks before power is fully restored.

On early Friday, after driving around downed power lines and many trees, I managed to get to reach a customer to do a datacenter visit.  On returning to my home office in Hollis NH, I found the power to still be out.  Luckily I had a generator, and I put my (un-named brand) T1500 demo unit on-line to protect my office equipment load from the generator's fluctuations.  I immediately found that it constantly clicks, chatters and beeps as the generator varies voltage and frequency when the load changes.  The other vendor's T1500 can't seem to carry much of load although it's rated at 1000 Watts.

The constant noise of the other vendor's T1500 was very distracting.  I remembered that I had a new HP T750 G2 UPS, which as you know has Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR provides consistent, clean output power to the attached equipment.)  I split the load between the two UPS units thinking the HP T750 G2 did not have enough capacity.  After an hour of listening to the (un-named brand) T1500 constantly "click, chatter and beep" I put all the load on the HP T750 G2 and shut-off the (un-named brand) T1500.  I was skeptical about whether the HP T750 G2 could handle this load.   HP does claim to be the best, so I put that HP promise to the test.  Now the HP T750 G2 is carrying the load of my ENTIRE home office, and is virtually silent with just an occasional "beep" when the refrigerator jumps on the generator.  When I shut down the generator for refueling, my laptops, printer and entire office load "just keeps on running".  If the new HP T750 can perform that well, I can only imagine how great the HP T1500 will perform.

HP has a great UPS product...   It's convinced me!!

Dick Jerauld
HP Rack, PDU, UPS, & KVM Solutions
East Region

Has an HP UPS saved your small or medium business? Send me your story.

HP offers a full line of tower UPS for your small/medium business, remote sites, or retail environment.  To learn more about the tower UPS's and our entire portfolio of power products, please visit

Lauren Trost
UPS Product Manager


Not All Memory is Created Equal

By Jeff Fisher

Some third party vendors offer lifetime warranties and sometimes Wal-mart like prices - they would very clearly like to sell as many dimms as possible, to as many customers as possible.  It is far less costly for them to offer a free replacement dimm when something goes wrong, rather than do what HP does from the start - provide reliable, quality products.  It's a simple volume/numbers game.

HP memory joins the warranty of the server.  That is clearly less than "lifetime," but the HP memory is part of the HP ProLiant solution that was created from the beginning, which is the reason customers make HP #1 in the world.  HP authorized vendors are screened and evaluated before they even submit parts for qualification.  Strict thresholds must be passed before any dimm becomes an HP DIMM. 

What can possibly vary, or be different in a DIMM?  Up to six major suppliers make the "same" thing, but each is actually different; fabrication facility, processes, die size, DRAM configuration (1R/2R/4R), data width (x4, x8), technology (512Mb-based, 1Gb, 2Gb), raw cards, register/PLL's, heat spreaders, CAS latency, clock speed, wattage, voltage and more.  Each recipe can be different, and the combinations are staggering.  HP requires all the parts to come together in the proper mix, for the DIMM itself AND for how it works inside each ProLiant - before it becomes an HP DIMM.  Fully integrated, compatible and reliable HP Qualified Options are warrantied to work with the rest of the ProLiant solution.  If something does go wrong, you may end up with a new dimm if applicable, but you'll also get the support of the full solution to determine exactly what might be wrong, and make the solution return to full functionality.  Making all the intricacies of memory technology operate seamlessly and do what they do, for literally just pennies per megabyte, very nearly IS rocket science.

HP Tops TBR Customer Satisfaction Survey

Technology Business Research (TBR) recently released its 2Q-2008 x86 Server Customer Satisfaction Study results, and the news is EXCELLENT for HP this quarter.

HP ProLiant achieved the #1 ranking in both the Weighted Satisfaction Index (WSI) and the Overall Satisfaction Rating. The WSI ranking is a weighted customer satisfaction score that considers what is important and how satisfied customers are with each area of customer satisfaction. The overall satisfaction rating is the response from customers when asked “Overall how satisfied are you?”.  Together, these two indicators provide us with a quick snapshot of customer satisfaction for each vendor surveyed.

With these results, HP now has sole leadership and no longer shares the #1 position with the competition.  HP was the only competitor to demonstrate gains in every category measured by TBR (9 in total). Specifically, the results in Hardware Quality/Reliability, Management Tools, Server Value and Parts Availability were significantly higher than industry averages. TBR identified these four (4) areas as providing a competitive advantage for HP over its competition. HP also scored higher than industry averages in the all-important category of Overall Satisfaction.   According to TBR, customer expectations continue to rise as customers seek out new technology advances to counter serious datacenter challenges.  Customers are also searching for much more than attractive purchase pricing. Server value incorporates all expectations, incorporating everything from reliability to technical support  and management tools. The influence of relationship quality also figures strongly into customers’ perceptions of value. Our focus on delivering the products customers want continues to pay off. For nine (9) consecutive reporting periods, HP has remained ahead of the competition as the brand perceived as most differentiated. Customers continue to recognize the value HP delivers in the ProLiant brand.

And it gets better! Customer Loyalty is another excellent category for HP. For the last seven (7) quarters, HP has held the #1 position in customer loyalty. HP scores in customer loyalty for the last two quarters are the highest scores on record (since 2Q-2005).

One does not have to look far when looking for reasons why HP dominates customer loyalty. Customers recognize differentiated value. One example is in the area of server management. TBR reports that HP customers place management higher in priority than customers of our competitors. Customers expect more from HP and the results show HP has delivered. HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) is a single software tool providing a consolidated view of everything you need to manage your server and it comes with every HP server.  TBR also measures customer expectations, customer priorities, and how well a company is meeting those needs. According to the survey, customers consider hardware quality, parts availability, and overall value as the three most important attributes of a server vendor. For customer expectations, scores show HP is meeting customer expectations in every measurable category, and, more importantly, HP ranks #1 in all three areas.  HP is focused on these attributes and also sees them as critical to our customers’ success. We continue to drive improvements in these areas by working with our developers, partners, and suppliers to drive quality into every server. As an example, by designing servers focused on customer self repair (CSR) customers have the flexibility to schedule and make a repair at their convenience.  Where do we go next? These results have set the bar higher and clearly identified the market leader. Our challenge moving forward will be to accelerate the pace and deliver on the expectations of our customers.  We’re committed to doing this – and it is evidenced in our offerings from the last few quarters. HP is listening to customers and delivering servers that reduce power consumption, expands virtualization, and enable success in the most demanding and complex computing environments. I welcome your comments – tell me how we are doing. Are there areas we can improve? Let me know – HP’s focus is on the customer and we need your input. 
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