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Another business intelligence leadership proof point for HP ProLiant DL785 G6 – this time with Sybase IQ and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

As I mentioned in one my previous blogs, as x86
processors are getting more powerful, 64 bit architecture is becoming
more mature, memory DIMMs are getting bigger & cost effective, more
and more scalable x86 software applications are becoming available,
scale-up x86 servers are becoming ideal choice for large business
intelligence and decision support system deployment at a cost that no
one imagined a few years ago.





The latest world record performance
result of HP ProLiant DL785 G6, 102,375.3 QphH at $3.63 USD/QphH, on TPC-H @ 1000 GB benchmark running Sybase IQ 15.1 database and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3
operating system is an excellent proof point. This #1 non-clustered performance benchmark result demonstrates
that customers can deploy large business intelligence solutions at an
aggressive TCO on high-performance 8‑socket x86 servers running. In addition to holding
the #1 non-clustered x86 performance result, the DL785 G6 offers outstanding
price/performance maintaining #1 8P price /performance record in the TPC-H @
1000 GB benchmark category.

DL785 G6 with the six-core AMD Opteron™ processors has been designed as
an excellent database server. Its balanced architecture with ample I/O
and memory make it an ideal platform for decision support and business
intelligence  processes.

Hundreds of customers run their database applications on the DL785

The TPC Benchmark™H (TPC-H)  is a decision support benchmark, with components that are intended to be relevant to customers who deploy decision support systems as part of their business intelligence solution. The benchmark is comprised of a suite of business oriented ad-hoc queries and concurrent data modifications that examine large volumes of data and execute highly complex queries. Many
businesses find this type of benchmark useful in determining what
servers to utilize because the TPC-H benchmark illustrates decision
support systems that examine large volumes of data, execute queries with
a high degree of complexity, and give answers to critical business

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Looking for more performance and lower costs for your SAP applications? HP ProLiant servers and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server solution is leading the pack .

Increasingly, Linux is being selected for business-oriented enterprise applications due to its growing reputation for stability; reliability and scalability combined with the cost economies of Linux and open source (see IDC white paper ).  

Effectively supporting business critical deployments require that the underlying computing platform offers the performance, scalability, and expandability for the most demanding resource intensive workloads. In addition to the maturation of Linux, x86 platforms have also grown up becoming more advanced and now offer features that accelerate performance, improve availability and manageability, expand memory capacity, and optimize power usage. The resulting combination of Linux on scale-up x86 servers has become an attractive choice for customers who require the economies of an x86 ecosystem.

 HP ProLiant servers offer exceptional performance for enterprise class business applications running Linux at an attractive total cost of ownership due lower management, maintenance and energy costs.

With the latest benchmark results published on December 7th , 2009,  ProLiant servers now hold the #1 Linux 8-processor, #1 Linux 4-processor, and both the #1 and #2 Linux 2-processor two-tier SAP SD benchmark with SAP enhancement package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0 results demonstrating the scalability of the ProLiant AMD Opteron server family with a 3.47x performance increase when migrating from a two-processor to eight-processor server.

The HP ProLiant DL785 G6 scored best 8-processor result for Linux with the two-tier SAP Sales and Distribution Standard Application Benchmark.  This recent certification was completed on the 48-core ProLiant DL785G6 configured with the SAP enhancement package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0 running SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers 10 SP2 and MaxDB.  

In addition to demonstrating excellent performance and scalability, this combination of utilizing industry standard HP ProLiant DL785 hardware combined with the lower cost of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server can provide a TCO saving of 32.4% when compared to the Sun Solaris 10 on SPARC T5440 UltraSPARC T2 platform. For this detailed TCO analysis and to learn more about migrating your SAP environment from Solaris to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on HP platforms check out this on-demand webinar .


- Contributed by John Rinehart

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Business Intelligence got affordable for enterprises

Information is key to making the right business decisions at the right time. To make complex decisions and respond quickly to business events, management need access to information that is current, trustworthy and relevant. Organizations need to predict, instead of reacting to critical business events that affect business outcomes. Business Intelligence (BI) or decision support systems (DSS) help in integrating and analyzing different kinds of information coming from different sources and providing the single version of the truth.

As x86 processors are getting more powerful, 64 bit architecture is becoming more mature, memory DIMMs are getting bigger & cost effective, more and more scalable x86 software applications are becoming available, scale-up x86 servers are becoming ideal choice for large business intelligence and decision support system deployment at a cost that no one imagined a few years ago.

For example, HP ProLiant DL785 G6, with up to 8 six-core AMD Opteron processors, 512 GB memory and 11 PCI-e I/O slots,  running Windows server 2008 and SQL server 2008 offers a very powerful platform for BI deployments at a very attractive total cost of ownership. HP ProLiant DL785 G6 server demonstrates the BI leadership by publishing the best x86 non-clustered server performance result on TPC-H @ 1000 GB decision support benchmark earlier this week. This benchmark result on DL785 G6, which ran Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Server R2 Enterprise Edition operating system and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition database, also showed the best price/performance for the scale-up x86 server category with 8 processors.

Microsoft and HP also helps you capitalize on information to optimize business outcomes by defining SMP data warehouse reference architectures for the Microsoft® SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse that help simplify and accelerate deployment of your data warehouse running on HP ProLiant servers, HP StorageWorks storage and HP ProCurve networking products. The architectures define a repeatable architectural approach using hardware and software combinations for three workloads that are based on Microsoft testing carried out in Microsoft Data Warehouse labs.

The largest Microsoft® SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse with HP ProLiant DL785 G6 server was demonstrated at SQL Pass 2009 event in Seattle, November 2-5, 2009.

For more information on these reference architectures, hardware, software and services, you can go to HP Business Intelligence solutions web page.


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More performance, lower TCO and unmatched scalability with HP ProLiant G6 servers and Oracle 11g

Businesses are under tremendous pressure to improve efficiency
of their existing infrastructures, meet future growth and reduce overhead. They
must cut power and operational costs while reducing server and database sprawl.
Add in the need to increase compute power, memory and I/O capacity to meet operational
demands and the pressure becomes game changing.

In order to get datacenter management, operational and,
therefore, economic efficiency, consolidating databases on a scale-up x86
server is becoming an attractive option for customers. For example, HP ProLiant DL785 G6 servers can
scale up to support very large workloads as well as consolidation of multiple database
instances onto a single server still leaving headroom for future growth.

Customers looking to migrate their oracle database applications
from large legacy servers with very high operational cost, find Oracle database
deployments on HP ProLiant multi-processor servers running Linux or Solaris
very attractive. These multi-processor ProLiant servers provide a great
scale-up deployment platform for both Business
Intelligence and Online Transaction processing applications
deployed on the

Businesses strive to fully automate manufacturing, inventory,
supply chain management, and customer billing running simple to complex
business applications on the top of a database, such as Oracle 11g. The
SPECjAppServer 2004 benchmark
emulates information flow among an
automotive dealership, manufacturing, supply chain management, and an
order/inventory system and can be a very good indicator of server performance for
these workloads.

As you can see in the Oracle
press release
at Oracle
Open World 2009
earlier today, HP ProLiant DL785 G6 running Oracle® Fusion
Middleware and Oracle database 11g delivers World
Record Single-Node result with SPECjAppServer2004
benchmark. This demonstrates
that that HP ProLiant DL785 G6 is a superb platform for deploying JAVA/J2EE
based business application running on Oracle database.

Oracle Open World 2009,
the world's largest information
technology event dedicated to helping enterprises understand how to harness the
power of information, already started in Moscone Center, San Francisco, this

Please feel free to stop
by and check out the award-winning HP ProLiant DL785 G6 and many other HP
solutions at #HP
booth #1301.  I will be at the HP ProLiant
DL785 G6 booth on all three days of the Oracle Open World 2009 and looking
forward to learning, answering questions and meeting with a lot of customers
and partners.


First two days at VMworld 2009

It’s been busy, but, very productive two days at VMworld 2009 event.  The VMworld exhibition floor at Moscone Center, San Francisco, was packed with more than 12,000 attendees. A lot of virtualization enthusiasts, customers, hardware vendors, ISVs and service providers are learning, collaborating and sharing best practices about virtualization solutions and services.


I have been spending most of my time at HP ProLiant G6 booth where we are demonstrating the complete line of G6 (Generation 6) ProLiant server.  Many customers and partners stopped by to learn more about the new generation of the ProLiant servers.  Many customers were interested in the DL785 G6 and its record-breaking virtualization performance announced earlier today. DL785 G6 is being demonstrated at the HP ProLiant G6 booth as well as the AMD booth.


The first two days of VMworld action is captured in the photo slide-show pointed from the blog A picture tour of HP at VMworld 2009 .


Come by AMD’s Masters of Virtualization Theater in the AMD booth #1408 today evening (Wednesday, September 2nd) at 5:00pm and hear me talk how to Consolidate, Virtualize and Save Some Green.  Listen and learn and you’ll have a chance to win a Free ATI FirePro v3700!


Looking forward to the rest of the VMWorld event.

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