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A CIO's 2009 HP Holiday Wish List: from IT Power Tools to the Matrix

Dear Boss,

It's been a tough year and as you know the current economic situation has challenged us IT folks to simply do more with less. Yet we know it's important to maintain investments in key new technologies that can enable innovation to help us keep our competitive edge.  As we undwerake IT planning for 2010, we need to continue to invest in the critical building blocks of a technology infrastructure that can allow our company to a) lower network costs, b) improve facility efficiency and c) enable us to easily scale-out or up our environment to support business growth. 

I'm taking the guesswork out of shopping for me this holiday season and have enclosed my 2009 HP holiday wish list:

  1. Power tools – HP ProLiant BL2x220c G6 & HP ProLiant DL785 G6: The HP ProLiant BL2x220c G6 server is an extremely power efficient double dense blade server that delivers the power of 2 blade servers in the space of 1, optimising the use of data centre rack space.  And the 8-socket HP ProLiant DL785 server delivers exceptional processing power, flexibility and scalability to help optimise performance for their database, consolidation and virtualisation environments.

  2. The ultimate IT toolbox – The HP POD is an insta-data centre, with the 40' version delivering the equivalent of over 4,000 square feet of traditional data centre space-in-a-box. And it provides support for not only HP gear, but any vendor’s gear that fits in a 19" rack making it a perfect fit for our mixed IT environment. HP PODs can cut up-front capitol expenses by up to 15% and ongoing operational expenses by up to 30% compared to a typical traditional data center build-out.

  3. A high-tech Filofax – The HP StorageWorks X9000 is a scalable file virtualization solution that delivers simplified management of extreme data sets, lowering costs and enabling more rapid response to business needs. The X9000 would ensure IT can keep pace with the exponential data growth we’re seeing in the enterprise.

  4. The Matrix, Re-defined – The “special effects” behind the HP BladeSystem Matrix is its convergence of server, storage and networking resources that automate service delivery for the data centre.
    A wire-once network fabric – HP ProCurve 2520 Switch Series helps converge the data centre environment and enables all resource to be shareable and expandable to meet new and changing application demands.

Thanks for all your support this year & Happy Holidays!

Your CIO

Celebrating 20 years of HP's x86 innovation at Gartner Data Center Conference 09

By Erin Collopy, PR Manager, Industry Standard Servers, HP

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of our x86 server business, the HP ProLiant team kicked off a year-long anniversary celebration at Gartner's Data Center Conference in Las Vegas last week.

Our HP team showcased lots of great HP innovations at this year’s Gartner Data Center Conference. Our latest generation of high-performing, energy efficienct ProLiant G6 servers including our sexy new slimmed-down scalable server line, the “skinless” ProLiant SL servers introduced back in June received plenty of oohs and ahhs from conference attendees. Our full-sized 40' HP POD data center container made a return appearance again at this year's show offering attendees an up-close look at an alternative way of deploying IT resources, particularly if time, budget, power limitations, space or portability are a factor.

HP was well-represented during Gartner-led sessions at the conference and received great audience accolades during the "Future of Servers" session. When Gartner analyst Andy Butler asked attendees who their “most strategic blade vendor” was, the crowd overwhelmingly voted HP with 43% of votes (more than the next 3 vendors combined).

Conference attendees, as well as a number of HP folks at the show feasted on a delicious cake to celebrate the 20th Anniversary.

Back Row (Left to Right): HPers Kevin Egan, Brandon Fears, Larry Bonnette, Jim Shay, Glen Wuenstel, Paul Birney and Bob Maus
Front Row: Jim Ganthier and Deb Umphry

Over the past 20 years, HP has created the industry's broadest x86 server portfolio providing customers of all sizes more choice while delivering more value for every server dollar spent.

How long have you been using HP ProLiant servers?

Now I get the HP POD. See what we are learning at the HP Tech Forum 2009 POD demos, sessions & tours

The HP POD  (Performance Optimized Datacenter) is stealing the show at the HP Tech Forum 2009. The POD is set up and you can tour the POD, talk to the experts and also see the power house running the POD. Kevin Egan & Steve Cumings from HP are informative, graciously answering all questions and helping us to all fully grasp the coolness of the HP POD.

Here is a quick overview of the HP POD in plain English by Jason Newton:

Here are the technical slides from Kevin Egan's technical break out session:

Some quick take-away points:

HP POD solves the customer challenges:

  • Capacity Limitations

  • More energy efficiency needed

  • Increased pressures on capital expenses


  • HP can ship the POD fully loaded in six weeks

  • Lower operating expenses – more efficient

  • 22 racks 50U high --- 11000U  in 40x9 container

  • POD cools the IT… closely coupled cooling. NO mixing of hot & cold air.
    Usually cool whole datacenter or certain areas.. not as efficient.

  • HP’s highest density – non proprietary too.

  • HP can cater to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Plumbing is the issue – keeping temps right.

  • The POD is powered by ActivePower Partner with HP for the power house – Flywheel, 600Lbs spinning away! They also had a very cool tour. See Jason Newton’s POD in plain English tour above for info & photos from the tours.

  • Questions on security always come up. Can someone drive away my datacenter? Someone would reaaalllly want to do this, as the POR averages 100,000 lbs. Would need 007 to pull that off. Just get the regular security in place.

  • HP is investing heavily in POD technology & structure. 20FT version coming out in Q4. At the Houston Campus, they are building out 5 in a spine. HP has a full roadmap for the POD. The PODs offer a huge opportunity to defer capital expenses

  • One customer has as a totally remote using iLO – only stepping in to make upgrades, change out any hardware.

  • TCO Comparison available. Kevin’s team would be abile to run this for customers. Contact them here.

All companies have the same problems. Who are the POD customers?

  • Capacity expansion 40%

  • Scale out 30%

  • Disaster Recovery 10%

  • Transitional 10%

  • Military & Custom  10%

Lastly: Every HP POD conversation goes to people wanting to live in it!!!


Key quotes from our Featured Bloggers at Tech Forum on the HP POD:

"I think a lot of us drool at the processing and storage capacity potential that the POD represents, but there are a lot of other factors that make the POD a serious, almost no-brainer contender when planning for a datacenter solution."

Shane Pitman , from his blog Neowin, HP Technology Forum & Expo POD tour

"Adding to the list of pluses provided by an HP POD solution are the POD's expandability and configuration options. With space for 22 50U full-depth industry standard racks, the configuration options are enormous. Want all storage? No problem. Want all blades? Can do. Already have the technology but just looking for a better housing solution? HP will ship you an empty POD with the racks, power, and cooling infrastructure in place, ready for your existing hardware, and not just HP hardware. The HP POD will support any third party technology."


Shane Pitman, from his blog Neowin, read more at HP Technology Forum & Expo POD tour



 I will post more pics in the next few days of the POD too.

Let us know your thoughts & impressions on the HP POD. Are you ready for a mobile data center?


Ramblings of a displaced Englishman – A layman’s view of Tech Forum 2009

By Chris Purcell

Interesting first impressions arriving at Las Vegas international airport – chipper, excited people arriving, to a lot of blearing, tired people leaving. This is my fist opportunity to visit HP Tech Forum which is being held at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas – which has attracted over 3,000 attendees this year and serves as HP’s premier technology showcase in the USA.

The opening keynotes started around 4.30 local time with Tom Ianotti (SVP, TSG Americas) opening for Ann Livermore (EVP TSG), who provided her famous integrated HP address tying in the total company in as a service. She presented well and was well received by the audience. She provided some great sound bites like HP is selling 11 servers a minute more than any other company on the planet. She was followed by Paul Miller (ESS, VP of marketing) that focused in on wrapping the HP enterprise, servers and storage together. His theme was clearly around where other companies see a form-factor, HP sees convergence to deliver everything as a service. One of the points that I really liked was when he was describing Matrix – a new Blade System offering that was recently released in April. Paul described it as a “private cloud network in a box – applies to economics, scalability and response time of cloud computing to any application, in-house.
The last keynote was from Prith Banerjee (SVP of HP Labs) who stole my imagination with his presentation on HP labs and the amazing work they are doing. Everything from Cloud computing and providing everything as a service (– Billions of users, millions of services, thousands of service providers, millions of servers, exabytes of data and terabytes of traffic.) To, Analytics (– an application of mathematic and scientific methodologies created better run business.) I will be really interesting to see if it really is fact or fiction. Time will tell, but it was great to see Lab provide this very exciting show-and-tell.
There was a great opportunity to “meet and greet” show attendees in the expo from 6.00 through 8.00 pm, during which time I had a chance to talk to Scott Anderson (HP, VP of marketing for TSG) and discussed social media and where he see this heading. He had some great insights and opinions mentioned some interesting opportunities that lay ahead for HP. More to follow.

Also, I had a chance to tour the HP POD (Performance Optimized Datacenter) – something I find fascinating. The POD on display at the show had two new SL units (SL 6000’s) stowed aboard which were attracting a certain amount of attention. It also had the utilities vehicle parked along side which I had not seen before, but will explore further.
The evening ended for me going to a “Tweetup” which was my first ever. Essentially all the Twiterers at the show having an opportunity to meet each other in person. Quite a few folks had turned up and it was great to meet people in person. Met with a lot of members of the Connect community – who I will talk to more during the show, along with Calvin Zito @hpstorageguy who is an avid blogger and Twitterer. Twitter is being heavily promoted at the show this year, which is a great utility for no participants to keep up with daily activity at the show. I found a great landing page which captures most of the event activities – check it out at
So All-in-all it was a really interesting first is great to be here and hopefully I will be able to provide more layman’s view of the HP Tech Forum 2009. Stay tuned.

HPTF 2009: "What happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay in Vegas!!" Stay connected.

Traveling to the show? Share with us your experiences. Can't travel? Stay tuned to this web site for the latest info.

stay connected HPTF2009

At Tech Forum (June 16 - 18 in Las Vegas) HP will showcase its premier enterprise computing solutions. The event will feature daily keynote speakers, presentations and booth demos. If travel restrictions are preventing you to attend in person, you still have the opportunity participate. Via a dedicated website that includes a wide range of tools, HP will provide access to summary videos of selected keynote presentations and demos. See this year's choices of topics at the event & expo.

"What happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay in Vegas!!" Check for all the info on the HP Tech Forum 2009 for servers, storage and software. Share with us what you are seeing and experiencing on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Slideshare, upload your photos to Flicker and videos to YouTube.

More blog info coming from the show including lists of the "top threes" from the event. Please also feel free to comment on the site to help us give you the info you want. Likes, dislikes?

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