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Expanding Ecosystem: HP Enhances High Performance Computing Innovation and Performance with Partners

The volume and velocity of data is growing exponentially across many industries. HP’s response? Develop an extensive ecosystem of HPC products and solutions supported by industry leading partners.

The HPC Partner Ecosystem is expanding—networking, storage, and accelerator options will allow customers purpose-built, optimized HPC solutions.

HP Servers celebrates BIG NEWS at HP Discover that’s “out of this world”

Guest blog by Sharon Fisher, HP Servers


Attending HP Discover is a celebration in its own right.  Right?  You get to meet up with old friends, have an opportunity to make new ones, and experience all the excitement that only a company like HP can present during this 3-day technology immersion.  But at this year’s HP Discover, you will also have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate big news from the HP Servers team.  

HPTF 2009: "What happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay in Vegas!!" Stay connected.

Traveling to the show? Share with us your experiences. Can't travel? Stay tuned to this web site for the latest info.

stay connected HPTF2009

At Tech Forum (June 16 - 18 in Las Vegas) HP will showcase its premier enterprise computing solutions. The event will feature daily keynote speakers, presentations and booth demos. If travel restrictions are preventing you to attend in person, you still have the opportunity participate. Via a dedicated website that includes a wide range of tools, HP will provide access to summary videos of selected keynote presentations and demos. See this year's choices of topics at the event & expo.

"What happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay in Vegas!!" Check for all the info on the HP Tech Forum 2009 for servers, storage and software. Share with us what you are seeing and experiencing on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Slideshare, upload your photos to Flicker and videos to YouTube.

More blog info coming from the show including lists of the "top threes" from the event. Please also feel free to comment on the site to help us give you the info you want. Likes, dislikes?

I received a new HPC Multi-core server today – documenting the configuration


One of the complexities in benchmarking applications is defining the server configuration adequately.  The purpose of a benchmark is to provide guidance - to demonstrate how to obtain a given performance from a specific application workload.  This guidance is not useful if the performance cannot be reproduced.  To make benchmark results reproducible, it is necessary to define the server configuration, specifying everything that can affect performance.  From a hardware point of view, this is not difficult - specify the model numbers of every component in each server, then specify the model numbers of the components in storage and networking components.  Some of this information is available on-line, such as processor model number.  Other information, such as model or speed of memory DIMMs, is usually not accessible on-line, but this data is important.  For example, some current x86 servers have an option of 667MHz or 800MHz DIMMs, and this choice can affect application performance considerably.

Identifying the software components can be difficult, since you need to know which components affect the performance of the workload.

And the most obscure configuration area is firmware - in some cases, versions of firmware have a big impact on workload performance.  It is rarely necessary to document the firmware version of the server, but it is a good idea to document firmware versions of networking components.

Next, it is important to know how the quantities of specific components affect performance.  Performance varies with the number of disks internal to the servers, the number controllers connecting the server to external disks, the number and topology of network switches, etc. 

One important variable is the number of memory DIMMs.  The number of DIMMs affects performance in two ways - the total amount of memory on the server, and the memory performance.  It is useful to run the workload using the maximum number of DIMMs, then repeat the benchmark using ½ as many DIMMs.  Memory is expensive, and it is very useful to know how the workload performance varies with memory configuration.

I received a new HPC Multi-core server today – Live from SC08

This week, I am attending the annual SC08 conference.  For 2 decades, the tradition in HPC is to announce and demonstrate new products at the SC conference, and there is a lot to absorb. 

For me, the event started with a 2-day HP user conference, attracting some of HP’s largest HPC customers.  It was a very full 2 days, with lectures on many subjects from customers, Intel, AMD, software development companies, and of course HP.  Even though I work here, I learned a lot about projects in other parts of the company.

At the SC08 show, I saw my 1st HP POD – portable optimized datacenter – a 40-foot-long shipping container on the outside, and a self-contained computer facility on the inside.  This excellently-designed mobile facility can contain 3500 servers or 12,000 disk drives, in standard 19” racks.  Just provide a flat location, power, chilled water, and a network cable, and you have a new computer room.

To make the week more interesting, AMD announced the new Opteron Shanghai processor – higher clock speed, bigger cache, faster Northbridge, and improved performanceSmiley Tongueower ratio.

One of the good things about big companies is that they spawn startups.  This year, a startup company announced a new HPC architecture at SC08.  Nearly all the employees are my friends and previous HP co-workers.   Check out



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