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New AMD Six-core Opteron™ Processors add more horsepower to the industry’s x-86 workhorse

Current economic,
environmental and energy constraints often do not make it possible to add
additional servers in the data center to align with the demands of the
business.  As a result, companies are looking to consolidate workloads on
fewer servers to reclaim the underutilized capacity, lower the total cost of
ownership and simplify data center management. Virtualization technologies,
like VMware, on larger platforms such as the HP ProLiant DL785 G6 are key to
improving server utilization.

ProLiant DL785 G6
with 48 processing cores, up to 512 GB memory and 11 PCI-e I/O ports, provides
ample resources for very large number of virtual machines and offers a very
high consolidation and virtualization ratio. The new world-record VMMark benchmark result with 53.73
score while running 210 virtual machines proves that the HP ProLiant DL785 G6 is ideal
for virtualization and consolidation environments. The industry x-86 workhorse
beats the nearest 8-socket competitor by almost 58% on VMMark benchmark. 

DL785 G6
shows increased scalability with the new AMD Opteron processors. As compared to
the previous result on DL785 G5 (with 8 Quad-Core processors), the DL785 G6
(with 8 six-core processors) showed 70.2% increased performance. I have been
asked this question many times – what makes DL785 G6 or other multi-processor
ProLiant servers with the new six-core Opteron processors run more than 50%
faster than the previous generation G5 servers with AMD quad core processors?

addition to the virtualization acceleration technology like Rapid Virtualization indexing (RVI) ,
the newly introduced HT-Assit
with six-core 8400 series AMD Opteron processors is a key contributor to the excellent performance of HP
multi-processor servers including DL785 G6.

HT Assist
helps reduces memory latency, improves HyperTransport bus efficiency and
increases overall system performance in multi-processor systems by reducing the
probe traffic and resolving probes quickly. It can eliminate the probe
broadcasting in 8 out of 11 typical CPU-to-CPU transactions in a
multi-processor system like DL785 G6.

technologies help HP ProLiant servers achieve #1 virtualization performance results
and near linear scaling as demonstrated on VMMark benchmark. The 4-processor
DL585 G6 server shows 1.86
times scaling from 2-processor DL385 G6 server and the 8-processor DL785 G6
server shows 1.79
times scaling from 4-processor DL585 G6 server.

unparalleled virtualization leadership is demonstrated in the AMD video featuring HP ProLiant DL785
G6 running 180 VMs!
AMD will have this demo live at their booth (#1408)
at VMWorld, August 31-September 3rd 2009.

join us in the HP Booth (#2023) at VMWorld to see the ProLiant G6 servers,
including DL785 G6, and a showcase of a wide variety of server, storage and
networking virtualization solutions.


The ProLiant Collection at HPTF 2009 - 25 platforms in 73 days

HPTF showcased an overwhelming amount of demos, sessons, cool techies stuff everywhere you looked. Twitter crept into the scene this year with ten monitors showcasing all of the tweet buzz. ProLiant was certainly shouted about from every corner. One shout that caught my attention was the ProLiant Collection released 25 platforms in 73 days! I heard one key competitor released 6 in that time frame. ProLiant delivering on all three technology advances: performance, efficiencies, and cost savings - serious improvements in all three areas, each without compromising the other.

        Over the past 73 days ProLiant released:
               - 3 new SL6000 Family Servers, introduced at the show
               - 2 new DL1000 Family Intel Servers
               - HP BladeSystem Matrix
               - 13 new Intel G6 Nehalem Servers
               - 7 new AMD G6 Instanbul Servers

  • Key take-aways on the SL6000

HP’s Doug Tucker walked me through the features of the SL line in easy terms. The SL features front-end cabling and easy serviceability – just pull out the tray. The 2U design supports 2 expansion trays. With the SL,you have a good choice of mix & match configs.

HP ProLiant SL160z G6 HP ProLiant SL170z G6 HP ProLiant SL2x170zG6
Max expansion: 18 DIMM slots and 2 PCIe slots
Large memory – memory cache apps

Max storage: Up to 6 hard drives - Large Storage – Web search and database apps

Features internal storage, 6 LFF hard drives, way beyond a 1U. Half-width board with no loss in features

Max density: 2xP servers in 1U
High dense – HPC computing and web front-end apps

Doug pointed out the SL2x170z is a grat choice when you need to deploy a lot more servers - four servers in a 2U, 2x the density, 4 fans versus needing 20, only need 1 power supply (can have 2).

Tweets from the floor:

     keesdenhartigh: #hptf How is the new ProLiant SL family different? The lowest possible cost and energy, delivering exactly what scale-out customers need

     markfontecchio: Video demo of HP's new ProLiant SL servers at the HP Tech Forum in Vegas (expand) #hptf

     Rich_Palmer: #hptf - SL line is percieved to offer the greatest opportunity to Vfarms, HPC and massive scale WEB farms.

Check out more info on the SL6000 product choices 

  • Key take-aways on the DL1000

“Powerful, dense & versatile” – states Christina Tiner from HP. This family delivers improved density, power efficiency & cost. It has similar features of the new SL line. The DL1000 for 10-100 servers, SL for 10000s of servers.

Christina mentions customers are looking to the DL1000 for virtualization deployments in a 2U, as well as for HPC environments. The DL1000 is great for 2 -3 workgroups with little space, for general purpose apps, space saving deployments - good consolidation in a traditional rack mount setting. This family is also more flexible than SL – IO expansion, 3PCI slots, graphics controllers.

See the video with Christina Tiner showing the new DL1000 Multi-Node Server at the HP Tech Forum, see how the DL1000 allows the user to put 4 server nodes in single 2U chassis.

Tweets from the floor:

       hogbiker: The HP DL1000 Servers are some pretty rockin' technology! I can see these for lots of applications for our customers. #HPTF

Check out more info on the DL1000 product choices

  • Key take-aways on the HP BladeSystem Matrix

Check out Jason Newton’s blog The future is coming into focus …and BladeSystem Matrix is your lens.

Whether you were at HPTF or not, please let us know your thoughts on the latest ProLiant releases by commenting here. We are listening.


Unleashing the power of six-cores with AMD Istanbul

By Paul Gottsegen, Vice-president, Integrated Marketing, Enterprise Servers & Storage, HP

Today, AMD is introducing their new Six-Core AMD Opteron "Istanbul" processors. For our customers, the performance gains of AMD's new chip combined with the innovations around energy efficiency, virtualization and management of our new ProLiant G6 platform will enable them to get more value from every IT dollar they spend.

We are really excited about Istanbul and you can bet that we'll be introducing new AMD-based rack, tower and blade servers in very short order. We could have just dropped the new chip in to existing servers, but that wouldn't have allowed our customers to take full advantage of the power of Istanbul. So, instead you'll see that we've innovated around Istanbul to deliver systems that lead the industry on price/performance.

The performance gains and power efficiency of these new ProLiant G6 systems can also have a significant impact on the bottom line. In fact, replacing the single-core systems with new ProLiant G6 systems, customers can see a pay-back on their investment of right around 3-months.  This is due to the combination of lower energy bills, increased computing capability of each server and fewer software licenses required to do the same amount of work.

AMD's execution was nothing short of flawless. Once again, they delivered ahead of schedule. And right around the corner you'll see a full suite of Istanbul server products from HP.

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