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HP’s Project Smart Choice provides safe harbor in the wake of IBM uncertainty

First IBM sold its x86 server line to Lenovo, a Chinese company. Then IBM announced it will pay $1.5 billion over the next five years to Global Foundries, a semiconductor foundry, to sell off its losing chip division.


It is a good time to think about what this means for your business.

Choosing a server partner? Some things to consider

As markets shift, your server environment may need to change. Megatrends like cloud, security, mobility and big data present unique opportunities, but at the same time, put pressure on IT operations to be more agile, efficient and simplified as user demands escalate.  Choosing the right server partner is crucial to your business.

Sun customers – What are you going to do now

written by HP's Peter Johnson

New economic pressures and big changes, like new entries and consolidations in the computer industry, have been coming at warp speed, forcing a lot of customers to rethink their investment priorities.  Adding to the impact of those market shifts is the very real uncertainty about SPARC futures – what with events like the impending Oracle acquisition of Sun, chip development talent brain drain from Sun and now rumored cancellations of a key enterprise CMT SPARC project.

So, have you thought about where things are headed and what you will do?

Nobody likes change - but sometimes change can be a good thing – especially if that change results in a better future.  Being forced to reconsider new options might actually be the best thing that ever happened.  New options might result in better answers.

Ever consider alternatives to replace your SPARC servers?   HP has been promoting industry standard servers as the right choice for a very long time.   Why?    Have you taken a look at the performance, price/performance and TCO advantages that industry standard ProLiant servers can offer vs. staying with SPARC?     It’s worth checking out our Sun TCO Challenge.

Also, with industry standard servers you don’t have to worry about making choices that may not pan out in the future.  If there is anything you can rely on it’s the future of industry standard servers – that’s just one of the many attributes that makes them so attractive.   Everyone everywhere is using more and more of them everyday.  You would be in good company.

And with industry standard x86 servers comes the flexibility to run whatever you like - Windows, or Linux or VMware, or even Solaris, if that’s where you want to stay.  Or not, it’s your choice.   And to meet the needs of Sun customers who require and demand systems with mission critical virtualization capabilities as well as the high availability servers that can scale to hundreds of cores and terabytes of physical memory we offer industry standard Integrity systems.  Here too, industry standards offer customers choice – choice to run enterprise UNIX with HP-UX as well as options to run Windows, Linux and OpenVMS as well as our Integrity NonStop systems.  That’s what our industry standard servers give you – choice.

HP distinguishes itself as being the leader in industry standard solutions.  We can offer all those solutions on ProLiant and Integrity, including Solaris on ProLiant, with full support for both the hardware and software.   And moving your environment over from SPARC to x86 or Itanium.  We can help with that too.

So, might this be the right time to choose a new partner?

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