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HP Real Talk webinar: New Server Economics You Can't Ignore

This morning, we hosted an interactive HP Real Talk webinar on the “new server economics you can’t ignore”. The HP Real Talk series is intended to provide an interactive forum to discuss the hot technology topics, trends and news top of mind with our customers. 

In this session, HP Industry Standard Servers product marketing manager, Krista Satterthwaite talked all things HP ProLiant G6 with George Stachnik from HP Enterprise Business’ marketing team.

A wide range of topics were covered during the session including:

  • Overview of HP’s refreshed ProLiant G6 server offerings with Intel's newest Xeon 5600 processor

  • Stellar customer ROI and performance of the latest HP ProLiant G6 servers

  • Virtualization and ProLiant servers as a critical building block of a converged infrastructure

  • HP ProLiant innovations beyond the processor including Dynamic Power Capping and Sea of Sensors (with demos!) 

A replay of the session is available via this registration link and is 1 hour in length. Let us know what you think.

The slides from the session are also available on SlideShare here.

Have topic in mind for an HP Real Talk session? Let us know what you'd like to learn more about.

Feeling refreshed? Introducing souped-up HP ProLiant G6 tower, rack, blade and scale-out servers

Today, HP refreshed its ProLiant G6 portfolio of tower, rack-mount, blade and scale-out servers with the newest processors from Intel, the 5600 series code named “Westmere”. The ProLiant G6 portfolio, introduced last spring, introduced innovations in energy efficiency, virtualization capabilities and management aimed at helping customers maximize business return on their server investments. These new servers have been “selling like hotcakes,” as the saying goes, making them the fastest adopted x86 server platform in HP’s history 20-year x86 server history.

Now souped-up with faster processors, our latest set of ProLiant G6 servers shipping worldwide starting March 29th, reset the bar in terms of server performance. These new servers provide customers with a 27x performance increase over ProLiant servers just 2 generations old (ProLiant G4s). We compare the latest ProLiant G6 servers to G4s since server refresh cycles tend to be at least 2 years (on the low end) to 5 years (on the high end), so its highly unlikely customers would be upgrading from an early ProLiant G6 server with Intel’s 5500 processors to one of these new servers based on their latest 5600 processors.

These updated ProLiant G6 servers also enable customers to jump their server consolidation ratio from 11:1 when we introduced our initial ProLiant G6 servers last spring (meaning 1 ProLiant G6 sever can do the work of 11 ProLiant G4 servers), to an incredible 20:1 with these new boxes, which means signifigant op ex savings. With Intel claiming 15:1 consolidation ratios tied to the new processors, that extra “5” is thanks to the technology innovations within to the ProLiant G6 platform that go beyond the processor. What I like to think of as ProLiant’s “secret sauce”.

This secret sauce includes awesome energy innovations like our Sea of Sensors technology, which came out of HP Labs. This innovative technology leverages tiny sensors placed throughout the server (on the processors, near the power supplies, etc) to monitor server activity and adjust server fans automatically, dramatically slashing power waste. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Visit to learn more about HP ProLiant servers and G6 innovation.

Already using HP ProLiant G6 servers in your datacenter? Tell us your story.

Another business intelligence leadership proof point for HP ProLiant DL785 G6 – this time with Sybase IQ and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

As I mentioned in one my previous blogs, as x86
processors are getting more powerful, 64 bit architecture is becoming
more mature, memory DIMMs are getting bigger & cost effective, more
and more scalable x86 software applications are becoming available,
scale-up x86 servers are becoming ideal choice for large business
intelligence and decision support system deployment at a cost that no
one imagined a few years ago.





The latest world record performance
result of HP ProLiant DL785 G6, 102,375.3 QphH at $3.63 USD/QphH, on TPC-H @ 1000 GB benchmark running Sybase IQ 15.1 database and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3
operating system is an excellent proof point. This #1 non-clustered performance benchmark result demonstrates
that customers can deploy large business intelligence solutions at an
aggressive TCO on high-performance 8‑socket x86 servers running. In addition to holding
the #1 non-clustered x86 performance result, the DL785 G6 offers outstanding
price/performance maintaining #1 8P price /performance record in the TPC-H @
1000 GB benchmark category.

DL785 G6 with the six-core AMD Opteron™ processors has been designed as
an excellent database server. Its balanced architecture with ample I/O
and memory make it an ideal platform for decision support and business
intelligence  processes.

Hundreds of customers run their database applications on the DL785

The TPC Benchmark™H (TPC-H)  is a decision support benchmark, with components that are intended to be relevant to customers who deploy decision support systems as part of their business intelligence solution. The benchmark is comprised of a suite of business oriented ad-hoc queries and concurrent data modifications that examine large volumes of data and execute highly complex queries. Many
businesses find this type of benchmark useful in determining what
servers to utilize because the TPC-H benchmark illustrates decision
support systems that examine large volumes of data, execute queries with
a high degree of complexity, and give answers to critical business

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“And the Winner of the 2009 Best Server Golden Globe is…”

If you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the sexy HP ProLiant G6 Server making its way down the red carpet at the industry’s hotly contested Server Golden Globe Awards in Serverwood, CA, I’m sure you will agree that it will make the industry’s best-dressed lists.

Among the many accolades received last year, HP ProLiant added “2009 Best Server Golden Globe” to its shelf of statuettes.  Like Hollywood’s Golden Globes which are chosen by experts in the field, these prestigious awards are based on key IT influencers’ opinions, critical product reviews from industry-leading publications, as well as customers - around the world.

Right out of the gate, in the category of CRN Tech Innovators-Best Servers of 2009 , the HP ProLiant G6 portfolio wins! This award goes to “products that used new or innovative ways and approaches to bridge gaps between problem and solution, leading the way in the industry.” Here’s a photo of one of HP’s product marketing guys, McLeod Glass, picking up the award. HP also received CRN/Everything Channel’s 2009 Annual Report Card (ARC) Award for Mid-Range Server Company of the Year  “for support, product innovation and partnership. In particular, relative to the competition, VARs awarded HP excellent scores in revenue and profit potential.” Additionally, HP ProLiant G6 won the “volume mainstream business servers” category of the 2009 ARC Awards.

The Windows IT Pro Editors’ Best Award gold medal went to the sleek, powerful and stylish HP ProLiant DL380 G6 server as a rock-solid workhorse from the HP ProLiant line, which one Windows IT Pro staffer touted as being so widely used, he referred to it as “likely represented in every datacenter in existence.” And the community voted to make the HP ProLiant DL380 G6 this year’s gold medal winner of the Windows IT Pro Community Choice Award, highlighting its “excellent power, reliability and manageability for a solid price.”

Over in Europe, ZDNet UK’s Editors’ Choice Award also went to the HP ProLiant DL380 G6 for excellent ratings in design, features, performance, as well as service and support.

Down south in Latin America, HP ProLiant BladeSystem BL490 G6 was named “Best Server” at the PC World Latin America Awards 2009.

The acceptance speech given by an HP ProLiant G6 Server upon receiving word of these awards will be on highlight reels for years to come:

“Thank you so much for this set of amazing industry honors! I would like to thank the editors of CRN, ZDNet, Windows IT Pro, as well as my incredible supporting channel partners and customers for believing in me. *Sniffle* Next, I’d like to thank the ProLiant/ Industry Standard Servers team at HP for making me the server I am today. The HP ProLiant G5 line of servers, as well as those ProLiants that came before them, paved the way for me and I can’t thank them enough. *Sniffle, Sniffle*  Despite these honors, I will stay grounded in 2010 by continuing to focus on helping customers do more with less. I’ll do this through helping them better manage their power, ease their management headaches and by helping them sleep easy at night knowing reliability is in my DNA. Thank you again!”


A CIO's 2009 HP Holiday Wish List: from IT Power Tools to the Matrix

Dear Boss,

It's been a tough year and as you know the current economic situation has challenged us IT folks to simply do more with less. Yet we know it's important to maintain investments in key new technologies that can enable innovation to help us keep our competitive edge.  As we undwerake IT planning for 2010, we need to continue to invest in the critical building blocks of a technology infrastructure that can allow our company to a) lower network costs, b) improve facility efficiency and c) enable us to easily scale-out or up our environment to support business growth. 

I'm taking the guesswork out of shopping for me this holiday season and have enclosed my 2009 HP holiday wish list:

  1. Power tools – HP ProLiant BL2x220c G6 & HP ProLiant DL785 G6: The HP ProLiant BL2x220c G6 server is an extremely power efficient double dense blade server that delivers the power of 2 blade servers in the space of 1, optimising the use of data centre rack space.  And the 8-socket HP ProLiant DL785 server delivers exceptional processing power, flexibility and scalability to help optimise performance for their database, consolidation and virtualisation environments.

  2. The ultimate IT toolbox – The HP POD is an insta-data centre, with the 40' version delivering the equivalent of over 4,000 square feet of traditional data centre space-in-a-box. And it provides support for not only HP gear, but any vendor’s gear that fits in a 19" rack making it a perfect fit for our mixed IT environment. HP PODs can cut up-front capitol expenses by up to 15% and ongoing operational expenses by up to 30% compared to a typical traditional data center build-out.

  3. A high-tech Filofax – The HP StorageWorks X9000 is a scalable file virtualization solution that delivers simplified management of extreme data sets, lowering costs and enabling more rapid response to business needs. The X9000 would ensure IT can keep pace with the exponential data growth we’re seeing in the enterprise.

  4. The Matrix, Re-defined – The “special effects” behind the HP BladeSystem Matrix is its convergence of server, storage and networking resources that automate service delivery for the data centre.
    A wire-once network fabric – HP ProCurve 2520 Switch Series helps converge the data centre environment and enables all resource to be shareable and expandable to meet new and changing application demands.

Thanks for all your support this year & Happy Holidays!

Your CIO

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