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Continued ramblings of a displaced Englishman – A layman’s view of day 2 at Tech Forum 2009

by Chris Purcell

Another great day at Tech Forum, which serves as the first full official day of Tech Forum. I estimate around 3,500 plus people participating which I heard is down from last year, but it is still a large number of people. The Mandalay conference complex is huge – much bigger than expected. I thought everything in Texas was big, but this would certainly give any Texas conference complex a run for it’s money. Walking is the name of the game - which helps burn off all the great food I have been eating since I have been here in Vegas.

I kicked off the day attending the Virtualization Track kick off hosted by Paul Mantey, an very articulate HP evangelist. It was a hard session to kick off being the first of the morning, as many attendees were still adjusting to different earlier zones. But Paul did a great job, proving to be a very motivating speaker. He described a great analogy of liking Adaptive Infrastructure to building with Lego blocks. He suggested thinking Adaptive Infrastructure equaling consistent building blocks that could be enabled across your entire enterprise. I thought it was a pretty easy concept explaining a fairly complicated principle which I would think others would find it useful. He also explained the Costanza Principle (George from the comedy sitcom show  Seinfeld), which equals "everything I have every done in my life has been wrong!!" Meaning sometime would just have to change the paradigm of what you are doing, to drive success. So Virtualization, Adaptive Infrastructure - building blocks equating with Lego block - okay I think the I am understanding this.

Christine Reichl’s ProLiant Server track kick off attracted a lot of attention and came complete with the great band that had played at the opening keynote sessions yesterday. Christine continued to build off Paul Miller's Extreme Scale out message (keynote speaker from yesterday) and amplified that in this type of scale out environment "every Watt counts". She then went into formally introducing the new ProLiant SL - the new extreme scale out server - which is now becomes the fourth new line of ProLiant servers (ML, DL, BL and now SL). Christine shared the stage with Bill Swales and Tim Golden both out of the TSG Americas organizations. With the “one HP server being sold every eleven seconds” that Ann Livermore claimed yesterday, it will be really interesting to see the acceptance of this new ProLiant SL server into the Scale Out community.

Power HP BladeSystem hosted by Richard Brooke and Tony Harvey was a great session. They illustrated the many ways to provide power to Blades and were quick to provide customers in the session with tips and ideas on how to better adjust power to gain the most efficient mode of operation. Tony also made a great comment which stuck with me. Which was “in G6, HP broke many rules in a good way, with break through in power, efficiency and performance. Not very often you see this happening on all three fronts with a generation change.”

My last break out session for the day was HP Enterprise - Build your infrastructure on HP technology hosted by Jeff Otchis. Top points from Jeff were:

  • HP is your best OEM partner of choice

  • HP has more software engineer than hardware engineers, which is why ProLiant servers works so well as an integrated unit

  • HP has an OEM platform for every need within the ProLiant server portfolio

  • ProLiant servers continues to rank at the top of the TBR survey

  • And lastly, for more info on HP OEM capability (partner of choice) - check out for more information

I mentioned yesterday I wanted to go back to the utility container PowerHouse (provided by ActivePower) that provides on demand backup power to the HP POD. It essentially is a diesel generator which provides a smooth uninterrupted flow of energy. The complete system is housed in a standard ISO shipping container and can be deploy with the HP POD to any number of locations – a roof, redundant loading bays, secure compounds or even the parking lot. It is well worth a visit if you get a opportunity.

The evening ended with a cordial invitation from Nina Buik to attend the Connect Community party at the Four Seasons (which is part of the Mandalay complex.) During the event Deb Nelson HP TSG SVP of marketing was recognized for all the support she had provided to this organization during the year. This was a great accolade for HP to receive and confirmed the value that HP sees within this user community. The party was a lot more relaxed and it was a great place to reflect on the day’s events and network with others who had attended the show. Yes, the luau themed party came complete with Elvis who was kind enough to be available to take photos with him. It was a great evening and much enjoyed – thanks again to the Connect Community for hosting. 

I forgot to mention you can follow my adventures during the show on Twitter - @chrispman01 and also you can get a comprehensive summary of Tech Forum at

Wednesday will doubtless prove to be another really exciting day, stay tune for continued ramblings.

The Professor Is In ... The Server Learning Center

The Professor Is In ... The Server Learning Center


Check out this blog by Chris Peters discussing a new feature we are trying out in Intel’s partner community, Server Solutions Insider


Title: “The Professor Is In ... The Server Learning Center”

Author: Chris Peters


About a year ago, we started the “Ask An Expert” Forum and the response from the community was overwhelming.  We get questions ranging from general product awareness to product selection guidance to technical support questions.

The Server Learning Center complements “Ask and Expert” and is designed to help streamline the community’s ability to find answers to questions more quickly and help us serve you better.  We hope you find both the information included as the layout both informative and easy to use.

We have started this forum with a focus on Nehalem (Intel Xeon 5500). However, if we are missing something (either on Nehalem or something else), you can let us know and we will work to fill the gaps.  If this is a popular forum within the community, we can work to list the items that are most popular within the community first so that the most relevant content that your peers find useful rises to the top.

Click around. Check out the content. Provide your point of view. Share your experiences. Invite others to join the conversation. And most importantly, let us know how we can make this a more valuable forum for you.

Give us feedback and by the way … Welcome to class

Professor Chris Peters (and the rest of the Intel Experts)


-Find the Server Learning Center here

-Talk to the Professor

-Follow the Professor's tweets:

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