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A HAVEn refresher, and HP Discover preview

Enterprise IT systems are like snowflakes—every system is unique. So it stands to reason that no two Big Data solution is the same. That’s why, earlier this year, HP introduced HAVEn, a platform approach to combining collaborative hardware and software solutions to provide the best Big Data experience possible.


We asked Manoj Suvarna, Director of Product Management and Steve Tramack, the Director of Engineering for HP Converged Systems for a HAVEn refresher, and some practical examples of implementation.


ecopod.pngHow is HP addressing Big Data?

Survana: Earlier this year HP unveiled it’s Big Data strategy, we call it HAVEn —  the is an acronym for multiple solutions HP has brought together to address the entire Big Data opportunity.

  • The H stands for Hadoop. This is a solution that allows clients to capture and catalog massive amounts of data, generally through a distributed file system. Hadoop can leverage a number of different architectures in order to process data into information.

  • The A stands for Autonomy. Autonomy runs on an Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) engine. This engine  allows for the processing and indexing of millions and millions of data points from more than a thousand file types. There are more than 400 connectors built into the IDOL engine, which can look at different structured and unstructed data sources and find the specific instances companies need.

  • The V stands for Vertica. HP’s analystics solution — Vertica — delivers blazing-fast analytics on petabyte-size data sets. It supports standard SQL/JDBC/ODBC and R natively. But most importantly,  it is designed for large data analytics, so you can perform analysis at a fraction of what legacy systems cost.

  • The E stands for Enterprise security. This part of the solution is comprised of ArcSight and Tipping Point. These tools are leveraged to build a more secure and hardened infrastructure for structured and unstructured data.

  • The n stands for the “numerous applications.” Think about the hundreds of applications that run this this infrastructure  within a single industry. HAVEn is a Big Data platform strategy that integrates applications within an HP Converged Systems solution.


How do enterprises typically get started with HAVEn? And how can HAVEn help drive business intelligence?

Survana: We ask our customers to consider starting  with a Big Data strategy workshop, to understand and pinpiont where their challenges are. From there, they can map outa Big Data solution, using the HAVEn platform, to meet their needs.


Learn more about HAVEn and what it can do for you.


Much like the New Style of IT, HAVEn is pretty fresh. Can you give us any real-world examples of HP  HAVEn in action?

Survana: Well, as we’ve said, the H in HAVEn stands for Hadoop. By its definition, Hadoop is a distributed data processing system that is designed to take advantage of very large clusters of very inexpensive machines. A carefully designed, preassembled, pretested and instrumented system is the best way to deliver these complex environments. In our portfolio today, we offer the HP AppSystem for Apache Hadoop, as well as a reference architectures that support three different vendors. These solutions have been pre-tested and pre-qualified to handle Big Data, and have HP management utilities built-in so they are ready to go out of the box. We offer a half-rack solution as well as an expandable rack, so when you get start churning on Big Data analysis, it’s fairly easy to scale.


Tramack: We offer a unique HP Cluster Manager that makes Hadoop clusters the easiest to deploy and scale. IT managers can deploy 800 nodes in minutes — not months — with the push of a button. Not only can you speed the time to business insight by deploying quickly, but you also remove the complexity with the simplicity of push button deployment with the ability to scale to 4000 nodes. The HP AppSystem is also the only system with 3D, real-time and historical analytics of bottlenecks in workloads, so you can easily optimize performance across the entire cluster. This allows you to collect metrics or view system health at a component level as well as at the total system level. At a 10 TB Terasort benchmark, HP performs at 120GB/min (or 6.7 GB/min/node). At a 100GB Terarsort benchmark, we perform at 6.21GB/min/node.


Learn more about designing an HP AppSystem for Apache Hadoop.


Survana: Of course, the A in HAVEn stands for Autonomy. Of course, the value of Autonomy lies in it’s ability to handle unstructured data. A great example of HAVEn in action is the HP AppSystem for Autonomy eDiscovery, which offers built-in analytics, workflow automation and real-time dashboard reporting capabilities specifically for the legal sector. We specifically designed the hardware to optimize the Autonomy software. This solution can streamline legal discovery operations, resulting in a 60 percent or more reduction in legal spend. It is used specifically in the discovery process, and can handle data in hundreds of different languages, and thousands of file types. This solution is a great example of HP working internally to combine both hardware and software to address the needs of a specific vertical industry.


Learn more about eDiscovery.


The V in HAVEn stands for Vertica. As we’ve mentioned in the past, Vertica can process and analyze 1000x query loads. It clearly has the capability to provide answers from the first line of code it reads. The HP AppSystem for Vertica is a purpose-built solution for low latency Big Data analytics — at massive scale and low TCO. Again, the solution can scale from three nodes to hundreds of nodes, and boasts a 90 percent reduction in required storage.


Tramack: It’s important to note that we do have an HP AppSystem built specifically to handle data centers using Vertica. It’s a single-server building block that comes pre-configured with the Vertica software. We think of it as an ideal, best practices configuration for a server node with Vertica. So from a software stack perspective; driver and firmware; bias configuration, or disk control configuration; the solution effectively takes the ideal recommendations and allows anyone deploying it in their data center to scale from a three node cluster to an expansive system very quickly and easily.


Read more about the HP AppSystem for Vertica.


Survana: The E in HAVEn stands for Enterprise Security. This is where our recent acquisition of ArcSight — specifically the ArcSight Universal Log Management Platform — comes into play. This is certainly and industry leader, with more than 300 connectors and over a million events that it can search and track. This is what makes it unique. The HP ArcSight Security Intelligence platform helps safeguard environments by easily displaying complete visibility into activity across the entire IT infrastructure — including external threats such as malware and hackers, internal threats such as data breaches and fraud, risks from application flaws and configuration changes, and compliance pressures from failed audits.


Find out more about HP ArcSight security solutions.


Very quickly, we always mention that the N in HAVEn is the applications. A great example of this we recently developed is a dashboard for ArcSight logger and Vertica that we call HP Operations Analytics. This is our very first platform to collect, store and analyze IT data — not just logs — but events, incidents, performance metrics, and apps topology. We believe it’s important to make Big Data analytics accessible through a simple, engaging experience — allowing managers without data mining backgrounds to explore their data and gain actionable insights.


Watch a video on HP Operations Analytics.


So HAVEn is not just a power point slide. When you look at traditional tools that IT departments use to handle Big Data, we’re developing and deploying a Big Data platform that ensures all these components can not only talk to each other, but understand each other. They all work together in concert so that customers can deploy a completed integrated solution quickly and easily.


Obviously building just a hardware and software platform is not sufficient. Our customers are also asking for support and services as well as consulting on how best to build and deploy these solutions. That’s where we’re working with HP Enterprise Services to help accelerate the time to value. Ultimately the goal of any Big Data solution is to provide value to the business. With HAVEn and new as-a-service delivery models gaining momentum, I can safely say, this past year has been a big year for Big Data at HP.


At HP Discover Barcelona you will be to see the latest on HP’s Infrastructure Management — both within the product showcase and within the eight business and technology sessions across the three-day event. Remember to bring your questions, as there are not too many opportunities within the year to have immediate access to all this intellectual HP management infrastructure knowledge under one roof. From staffers working within the product showcase, to the speakers presenting within the different breakout sessions. Business or technology related, if you have questions … we have answers!

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