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New program from HP and Microsoft is good news for SQL Server customers at #WPC2013

At #WPC2013 this week Microsoft announced a new program with HP focused around three main initiatives:

  • Server Virtualization and Private Cloud
  • Client Virtualization / Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Data Management and BusinessIntelligence

On the data management side HP has worked closely with Microsoft to deliver solutions which are optimized around Microsoft SQL Server SQL Server 2012, which has been a big focus at Microsoft WW Partner Conference this week, including discussion around greater performance and predictability of applications running in the cloud.


Not only does HP have a series of Fast Track and Database Consolidation Reference Architectures, which better enable businesses to use data as a competitive advantage, but we have a flagship solution in the form of our AppSystem for Microsoft SQL Server SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse, which you can see our Senior Engineering Manager, Steve Tramack, discuss in the video below.


We think you’ll find it’s 5 minutes well spent.



You’ll find out how the solution is designed for customers who are finding limitations with their legacy data warehouse architectures and delivers:

  • Massive scalability up to 6PB
  • Up to 100X faster query performance
  • Minimized datacenter real estate
  • A set of tools to optimize performance and simplify updates and maintenance tasks

Find out more by coming to see us at #WPC2013 or click on the link for our solutions for SQL Server.

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