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Two new HP solutions for SAP HANA – now generally available

By Manoj Suvarna - HP Converged Systems


In today’s IT environment, the old adage “…time is money...” has never been truer, particularly when it comes to deploying new applications.  Business leaders want to access new application capabilities as quickly as possible to pursue new revenue opportunities and streamline business processes.   


The SAP HANA platform provides the basis to dramatically increase the performance of your SAP ERP applications now and into the future without disruption on an open platform. Customers are adopting HANA quickly because they value the ability to aggregate and analyze data in real-time.


Today, HP announced general availability for two new SAP HANA solutions – HP AppSystems for SAP Business Suite and HP AppSystems for Virtualized SAP HANA.


HP AppSystems for SAP Business Suite


In addition to the variety of single-node servers certified for use with SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, SAP recently certified two new HP configurations that are exclusively available for use with SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA. Based on HP Converged Infrastructure, these configurations are built on the HP ProLiant DL980 G7 server platform with 2 or 4TB of memory on a physical server.    


HP AppSystems for Business Suite on HANA provides the hardware and software platforms to host a suite of applications, unifying analytics and transactions into a single in-memory platform. SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA allows real-time planning, execution, reporting and analysis across your end-to-end business processes. And business users can get a unified, comprehensive view of real-time information, on many devices, across all their SAP applications and beyond, including information gathered from machine sensors, social media and more.


HP Converged Infrastructure is highly optimized for high performance, large OLTP environments. The perfect fit for SAP Business Suite database. The HP ProLiant DL980 G7 is a balanced system that scales from 512GB to 4TB of memory to meet your increasing business demands. There are over 32,000 Business Suite customers on HP solutions today, so it makes sense to look to HP when deploying SAP HANA.    


HP AppSystems for Virtualized SAP HANA

Based on our large HP AppSystem configuration and featuring the HP ProLiant DL980 G7 server with 1 TB of RAM, this system provides a powerful platform from which to quickly deploy up to 15 test and development SAP HANA instances on a single physical server.   


This is important to customers for a variety of reasons --

  • Cost savings – run multiple HANA instances in single physical server
  • Increased flexibility – save  significant time by deploying on a virtual machine
  • Streamlined processes – ease  procurement and installation of SAP HANA


For Steve Otto, Conagra Foods, it came down to wanting to take advantage of the many available SAP Application Accelerators, (without incurring additional hardware costs), and the relationship between VMware, HP and SAP.


“We are a huge VMware shop.  SAP is releasing Application Accelerators (side car's like MRP, FICO, COPA, etc.) at an increasing rate of speed.  We believe this pace will continue to get faster.  CAG wants to be in a position where we can get a first look at these Application Accelerators without incurring the time and resource costs to purchase hardware for these first looks.  We also believe that as an industry leader in virtualization, VMware will continue to work with SAP and the hardware vendors to give us virtualized appliance solutions for both the scale up and scale out versions of HANA.”


When asked, “Why HP?” Steve replied:


“It basically came down to support experience we have had with the big 3 vendors in this space.  HP has proven to us over the past year that their support model works, the other vendors support models for the BW accelerator left CAG in the middle and it was a very unpleasant experience with them.”


For information on HP AppSystems for SAP HANA:

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