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The purpose of this business insights thought leadership blog is to share the HP point of view on industry trends such as Big Data and Real Time Analytics, and provide updates on key innovations and solutions.

The EDW evolution continues and it is Bigger, Faster and Better !

As some of you may have heard, during the week of November 6th, 2012 HP and Microsoft has announced the next generation of the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Appliance.


Let’s take a moment to discuss some major changes and feature enhancements....

“Big Data” definitions may vary based on your perspective

In my previous BLOG entry titled (What is big data and how big is BIG !), I touched on how the term “big data” can vary based upon your point of view.  This BLOG is an extension of that discussion.

IDC defines “big data” as being greater than 100 TB, growing at 60%+, at least two data sources, typically running on scale-out architecture.

Structured data

Companies try to mine data from internal (i.e. OLTP systems), as well as external sources to make strategic and tactical decisions for their business. In general, approximately 10% of the overall “big data pie” may be referred to as “structured big data”. The other 90% is unstructured or semi-structured data.

Over the past 20+ years, the industry has primarily focused helping businesses store massive amounts of structured data in data warehouses and data marts. Then this structured data in converted information when users leverage various tools to analyze the data.

Even if we assume that only 10% of a company’s data is structured, it is likely to be considered “big data” if you are a phone company, bank or stock exchange or broker. Each industry has its own type of structured big data which may be in the 10s or hundreds of terabytes range.

It is also common for this OLTP structured data to provide the truest representation of a company’s current state, past and future trends.

You asked ! We heard ! - HP Enterprise Data Warehouse (V 1.4) optimized for Microsoft PDW (AU3.5)

Hi everyone, I thought I would let you know about some new features which will be available with the HP Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW Version 1.4). As many of you know, HP and Microsoft have partnered to provide the industry with the industry leading massively parallel SQL Server platform. The HP EDW appliance has been optimized and enhanced to support Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse Software (version AU3.5).

It should be noted that Hadoop connectivity is available to support unstructured and semi-structured “big data” requirements.  Structured data may be loaded into the EDW appliance using output from Hadoop Mapreduce or by using ETL software.

Why spend time reading another blog on data business intelligence, data warehousing & analytics?

My commitment as a blogger is to make the topics of business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing interesting and informative for both technological novices as well as the more experienced readers. In an attempt to level the playing field I will address the basics of BI while tying in current day challenges relating to big data, more traditional OLAP analytics, and advanced analytics which use data mining algorithms and statistical analysis. (Note: And yes, buzz words will be explained at the appropriate times).

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