Reviving TWAIN? ScanJet 3c and Win 2000 Pro (61 Views)
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Reviving TWAIN? ScanJet 3c and Win 2000 Pro

After I upgraded to Win 2000 Pro, I had to download the then-current version of DeskScan (I think it was 2.6) to get my SJ 3c to work, but after that update to DeskScan it's worked fine for the past couple of years, both for image scanning directly from DeskScan and as a TWAIN device for OCR programs (OmniPage 11 and TextBridge Pro Millenium).

I tried using it this week and DeskScan says it can't get the scanner to respond, and none of the OCR applications that rely on the HP TWAIN driver can see the scanner. However, I know the scanner is working because I tried running VueScan (a 3rd-party image-scanning package wilth some interesting features), and that works fine, so the scanner is in fact responding and communicating with the on-motherboard Adaptec SCSI interface. It appears that it's just the TWAIN driver that's hosed.

I tried deleting the HP scanner DLLs and similar references in the Registry, and downloaded and reinstalled the latest version of DeskScan (2.9), but that gave me no results.

Is there a way to manually tweak the TWAIN settings or reinstall files so that DeskScan can see the scanner again?

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Re: Reviving TWAIN? ScanJet 3c and Win 2000 Pro

After poking around the forum a bit more I found a long set of messages from Don Pomeroy that led to a solution. I had been running the installation program that came with the DeskScan 2.9 download. I just tried what he did, which was to go to the Device Manager (in the Control Panel) and try manually updating the driver, pointing to the DeskScan 2.9 installation directory. I told it to over-write the current drivers -- for some reason that worked when the installation program didn't.

So now my OCR works. But Don has piqued my interest about Precision Scan, saying it's better than Desk Scan. I might manage to screw things up again trying THAT out!

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