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How is storage like a Swiss army knife?

Knife_MSA.jpgAs well as the common objectives of reducing operational costs and increasing productivity, today’s small and midsize businesses are often the pioneers of new marketing approaches and the development of innovative new products and services. To do this, they are grappling with issues like how to effectively mine the data they have, how to support the development of new services with limited budgets and – in some cases – how to evolve an aging legacy storage infrastructure with few specialised resources.


The situation is exacerbated by recent shifts and changes in the storage market that have particular relevance to small and midsize businesses. I recently shared my thoughts on IBM’s decision to sell its PC and server business to Lenovo and the questions surrounding the company’s commitment to storage. Dell had also always been a stalwart of storage for small and midsize businesses, but its recent reversion to a private enterprise has created uncertainty around future product development and investment.


Why HP continues to lead when it comes to entry SAN

By contrast, HP has a long heritage and a proven track record of leading the way in entry SAN storage with its MSA product line. Just a couple of weeks ago, we announced the latest addition to this ever-popular portfolio with the addition of the MSA 1040, which offers storage that is both affordable and adaptable. Customers can now benefit from 50% better performance at a 25% lower price point than its predecessor, the P2000 G3.


Stress-free storage: why companies already use MSA for all their storage needs

Zen001.jpgThat’s because it is flexible enough to be used for file and print services, and an affordable disaster recovery or backup to disk solution. Today, 95% of MSAs are used in shared storage environments, 60% are deployed for virtualization across all hypervisors and 25% are deployed for departmental usage. This breadth of flexibility makes the MSA the Swiss army knife of entry storage and explains why it has enjoyed such prominence over the past 16 years.


Proven MSA history, keen eye to the future

But more important than heritage is future proofing your storage for the years to come. That’s why the MSA offers data-in-place upgrades from and to MSA 1040 in 15 minutes. A simple controller swap turns an MSA 1040 into an MSA 2040 should greater performance be required.


In many ways, small and midsize businesses are the incubators of creativity and future innovation. It is the only way to grow and compete effectively.


Storage needs to be as agile and fuss-free as the business itself. While other industry players may be shaky in their commitment to entry-level storage, our dedication has never been stronger.



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