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Transitioning to the New Style of IT: What’s storage got to do with it?

It’s a given that the foundations of IT are changing and all of us – consumers, employees and businesses – are driving this change. The days of traditional IT with its conventional workloads and applications, long lead times and focus on driving down costs are numbered. Several mega trends are behind this shift, including mobility, social, Cloud and Big Data. Simply put, your enterprise today needs to be where your customers and employees are, and you need to be able to harvest insight from the mountains of data you are creating. This requires a complete re-evaluation of how our organisations think about infrastructure and operations. You must think about business outcomes instead of IT benefits, greater agility and profitability instead of reducing costs, and how IT can help to accelerate overall growth.

Reporting in from HP Global Partner Conference: bright lights, good times and partnership


I’m writing to you just back from Las Vegas after the close of the 4th annual Global Partner Conference (GPC). We hosted several thousand of our favourite people here in a combination of business sessions, 1:1 conversations and relationship-building activities.


Still basking in the bright lights and buzz of Vegas, I have to extend an appreciative “thank you” to the resellers, distributors and alliance partners that provide valuable routes to market and deep skills that make the IT industry work.




Judges Award Gold for Flash That Was Not Built (Just) For Flash!

By Craig Nunes, VP Marketing, HP Storage


123J.jpgRecently, the editorial staff of SearchStorage/Storage Magazine employed the help of users and experts in the field to choose three storage products for recognition from a mind-boggling list of 25 systems. As you might have heard by now, my own favorite, the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 All-Flash Array, won the gold medal award for product of the year in the All-Flash category. Other recognition went to the Pure Storage Flash Array 450 and the Samsung SSD 845DC PRO 3D NAND, which is SSD media, not an all-flash array. First I want to give a shout-out to the Pure and Samsung teams for receiving well-deserved recognition in such an important competition. The SearchStorage judges’ methodical approach and well-informed view showed that the HP 3PAR All Flash Array and the Pure Storage system are perfect examples of state-of-the-art flash technology. But that’s where the story starts, not where it ends.



It’s flash storage again - IDC says it’s soon becoming “normality”

A lot of my recent blogs focused on the topic of flash storage. Some people get really bored with me writing about flash. “Chris, it’s just another storage media. Yes much faster so good for some specific apps, but why so much buzz around disk drives?”


My answer to these people is simple: It’s not about price/performance for a few specific apps. It’s about avoiding the need to open another data centre. It’s about cutting costs for power and cooling by one-fourth or more. 


Just think of it: HP 3PAR StoreServ offers 1.92TB SSDs drives with a full 5-year warranty. I’m sure there will even be bigger drives as SSD vendors drive density to new levels. No further roadmap info here! But I can share some insights from a recent IDC white paper: From Flash to Value — How External Solid State Arrays Become a Normality among European Customers. Register to access the full text of the paper.

Today’s news flash: it’s all about reducing operational complexity

When I wrote my blog on Chad’s XtremIO statements last week, I didn’t expect it to generate such interest. I have to say being referenced on the TheRegister is an honour.


When reading through the articles and comments, I realized that most of the debates are about IOPs, response times and being architected for flash or not.


People however often forget that the biggest challenge enterprises face today is the sprawl of different storage architectures you have to manage and maintain in your data centre. If all-flash is yet another platform in this mix, the benefits can be quickly offset by operational cost and complexity.


Here are my thoughts on how HP 3PAR StoreServ can address both operational complexity and the need for all-flash.

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