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This blog is dedicated to the Manufacturing and Distribution Industries, it focuses on subjects such as Innovation, Sustainability, Product Development &amp, Engineering, the Supply Chain, Procurement, Supplier Collaboration and a series of new technologies such as Cloud Computing.

HP's Cloud Announcement

HP made an important Cloud announcement. I wrote a small piece on the vision behind the announcement and posted it on the Grounded in the Cloud blog. You can read it here.

2011 Cloud Predictions

First, happy New Year It's the time of the year again where people come out with their predictions, so I took a stab at it. This year I focused on "cloud", how could you guess. So, if you want to know what I see in the tea leaves, just read and stay tuned. By the way feedback is more than welcome.

Private Cloud, how do we define that?

Many conflicting definitions exist for private cloud. Is it something behind the firewall, is it set-up and managed only for one customer. I argue it's neither, but one needs to look back at what the customer issues are and how those can be addressed. This brings us to a definition of a private cloud leaving room for multiple delivery models. You want to know more ...

Cloud, let's dream a bit

How will cloud address the needs of the CIO and it's new GEN-Y employees moving forward? We put ourselves in 2015 and describe what the IT world would be. Personal devices connected to both the enterprise and the social networks, interacting with a "cloudified" IT back office, things will definitely change.

Cloud is not just another form of Outsourcing

Patrick Gray from TechRepublic wrote a blog entry "Why the “cloud” doesn’t matter". I fundamentally disagree with him and describe why. But taking advantage of that, I describe how the role of the CIO is changing and how he becomes the aggregator of services delivered by legacy applications, his own private cloud and the public cloud.

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