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Mathematical Repesentations, Part 2

If I examine every other entry, starting from the first, I get 1.047..., 7.330...,  13.613... This sequence has a common difference of 6.283 or 2*pi. Likewise, the other sequence has 2.094..., 8.377..., 14.660... These terms also have a common difference of 2*pi. I am now in a position to write the two solutions as X=pi/3 + 2*pi*n or X=2*pi/3 + 2*pi*n, where n is any integer.


I can return to Symbolic view now and enter both Y=sin(X) and Y=sqrt(3)/2 (Figure 6). In Plot view (Figure 7), I see the larger context. I can use this in my next lesson.


Blog6.png     Blog7.png

                                                 Figure 6                                                                                                    Figure 7


In Figure 7, the tracer is set to jump from one intersection to the next of V2 and V3.


In this blog, we have used a set of mathematical representations to promote a conceptual understanding before focusing on the computations and algorithms required to obtain the solutions by hand. This is a fundamental aspect of my own teaching style. Although I am an HP employee and a member of the team that developed the HP Prime graphing calculator, what I have expressed here are my own views and not those of HP.


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