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AP Math Teachers join HP for the first ever HP Prime AP Summer Institute

Advanced Placement (AP) math in U.S. is the pinnacle of high school math, and the HP Prime calculator changes the “success equation” for students. I invited colleague Jessica Cespedes, from the HP Calculator Team, to tell us what’s new and exciting…


 HP Prime_from_above_student_use_96dpi.jpg

Sprout by HP now with full 3D scanning - now you can think, design, and TOUCH in 3D!

As much as I like designing and thinking digitally, I still love the physical/analog world. This is what makes Sprout so much fun - and the fun is about to get even more exciting with Sprout's new true 3D scanning capability. With the newly announced 3D Capture Stage, physical and digital worlds flow happily together. In a time when students need more experience designing and making (real) stuff, I have no doubt that your students will be happy, too....



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Measuring Learning - Strategic Brief from NMC.org


Just released: a strategic brief from the New Media Consortium - Measuring Learning > An NMC Horizon Project Strategic Brief for educators, policymakers, and economists...

Crossing the EdTech Chasm

Stop the finger pointing — most people are not early adopters, and that’s OK....No matter how you draw the adoption curve, we can safely assume that the vast majority of students do not have, and perhaps never will, have “early adopter” teachers, but that shouldn’t stop us from bringing innovations to schools. We just need a different approach....



The Best of Two Worlds - Exciting Personalized Learning Possibilities from HP & Knewton

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Everyone knows that when it comes to learning, one-size-does-not-fit-all. The need for personalized learning is growing, from large urban school districts in the US to rural “not-yet-connected” schools around the world. Why does it seem we’re still just at the tip of the personalized learning iceberg? Perhaps it’s because we left paper out of the learning equation – until now.


Knewton, a leader in adaptive learning, is teaming up with HP to bring the power of print and digital learning together...

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