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HP Flexible Capacity Service gets you off the tightrope

Today, IT organizations walk a tightrope between running out of IT capacity and buying too much too soon. It’s not as dangerous as teetering hundreds of meters above the ground, but for CIOs it has its own hazards.


Servers, storage and networking equipment are expensive. And capital budgeting processes make buying them a lengthy and sometimes painful process. If you buy too much too soon, you pay for capacity you may not use for a long time. If you wait too long or buy too little, you may not be able to respond to business needs. It can even be difficult to know how much capacity you have available, because IT organizations may not have good usage measurements and reporting. With business conditions changing so quickly, business managers and service providers must react quickly to seize new opportunities, reach new markets or increase profits by driving down costs. They need business flexibility and agility. So does IT.


To address these challenges, this week we introduced HP Flexible Capacity Service. Flexible Capacity Service is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution from HP that lets you spin up IT infrastructure on demand—and with no capital expenditure (CAPEX). Unlike most IaaS offerings, Flexible Capacity Service is fully comprehensive—it includes servers, storage and storage area networks (SANs). It provides a robust set of controls, metering and usage reports, and this allows you to always know what you have, what you’re paying for and how much it’s being used. This way it’s really easy to align new requests to infrastructure usage to see if you really need more or not.


Flexible Capacity Service provides IT capacity ahead of demand while avoiding over provisioning. You pay only for what you use and only the moment you need to use it. With HP Flexible Capacity Service, you improve time to market while driving down costs. And you move infrastructure expenses to OPEX, avoiding that troublesome capital budget process.



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Claudia  Gristina  is a business manager with 18 years international experience in sales. She has a strong background in business development and international team management (including virtual teams). She thrives in multicultural environments both in big corporations and start-ups, and she has a particular interest in business management, strategy and organizational behavior.


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