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How to get the support you need in a challenging, hyperscale IT environment

By Todd Triest, HP Technology Services Hyperscale Leader


One of the largest IT service providers in the world recently engaged us to support them worldwide under HP Datacenter Care. There hasn’t been a press release yet, so I can’t mention the name, but they’re one of the biggies with several hundred thousand HP servers in datacenters around the globe. As they worked with us to explain their operations and help us understand the support solution they needed, I was struck once again with how important it is to have the right team to work with hyperscale computing customers.


In an earlier blog, I said we have a specialized team—the HP Hyperscale Center of Excellence—that delivers the most critical support elements to hyperscale customers. The team members are trained in scale-out computing, and they dig in to learn the details of each customer’s environment. It turns out we also have a specialized team to design the best support arrangement for each customer. Today I want to talk about that—how our largest clients engage our service design team for hyperscale to create the service solution each one needs.


You probably already know your HP sales rep. You’ll start the ball rolling with him or her, but your sales rep may also engage an HP hyperscale support sales specialist and solution architect. They understand hyperscale computing, they have worked with Internet scale IT environments, and they know how to drill down to turn your support needs into an actionable plan. Since you’re a team member, too, we get our team together with you in a service design workshop where we work together to understand your support goals, needs and constraints.


The first thing you’ll realize is that our team gets it. For example, we understand you’re probably a self-maintainer, so we focus on how to make you more efficient and drive down your maintenance costs. You show us how you implement maintenance operations, and we bring experience gained from operating one of the largest maintenance organizations in the world to improve efficiency. Would remote monitoring speed up troubleshooting, so you can grow your environment without growing maintenance staff? Would on-site parts kiosks drive down your parts inventory and cost while providing the right part in the right place at the right time?


While routine maintenance is about enhancing efficiency and enabling growth, non-routine service is about reducing risk. We know you’re not going to call very often, but when you do, you need the right expert right now. Our service design team may propose enhanced call handling, where your call goes directly to the HP Hyperscale Center of Excellence I mentioned earlier. Specialists there understand hyperscale computing, and they understand your environment. They’ll own the problem end-to-end, bring in the experts needed and collaborate with other vendors and service providers to find the right solution.


We work to match support to your specific needs, but what you don’t want is for us to re-invent support just for you. Those arrangements drive up cost. And they lack the flexibility to evolve with you. Instead, we structure a hyperscale support solution by assembling standard, scalable service building blocks. It’s the same approach that makes hyperscale computing itself possible.


With HP Datacenter Care for Hyperscale, you work with a team that understands hyperscale and does their homework to understand you. Together we create a support solution that fits your needs today, holds down support costs and can evolve as you do. It’s one of the big reasons the biggies choose HP Datacenter Care.


 Learn more about HP Datacenter Care for Hyperscale on our website.


Todd Triest 11.jpgTodd Triest is HP Technology Service’s Hyperscale Leader. He is a support solution design expert with 20 years industry experience, and he has worked directly with the top 15 hyperscale computing customers in the world. He has designed several key components of HP support solutions for hyperscale and received the 2012 Innovation of the Year award for the design and implementation of the HP Self-Service Spares service which has been deployed worldwide for many of HP’s Tier 1 hyperscale customers . Todd and the team are currently working to deliver a comprehensive set of services around data sanitization, destruction and disposal as part of the HP Data Privacy Portfolio.


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