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I don’t believe “the drumbeat against IT”, do you?

When reading Bob Lewis’ article “Don’t believe the drumbeat against IT”, I was amused to remember the visions we were given of those flying cars and other stuff that finally should have been our future for the year 2000, but never arrived.


It made me even remember that during my first 3 months of preparing my MBA, I spent more time learning the IT Basic programming language than learning finance, marketing and all other important disciplines together. In fact, teachers in the early-mid 70’s were convinced that management executives in companies would do programming for themselves to get everything they would need from IT…

Thankfully, I’ve never been obliged to program in Basic to do even simple stuff: we’ve all been provided with a lot of convenient tools such as PCs and some magical applications nobody could have thought of in the old days.


But I agree with Bob Lewis that the new technologies make us wrongly dream that IT will soon be so easy to use that companies could get rid of IT experts. To get IT in a Cloud, or any other marvelous ideas that will concretely come into our hands, we will still need a lot of IT professionals to help keep things running.


Maybe technologies will lead to new services to help, maybe the new services will lead to new technologies; it’s a never ending improvement that finally increases our satisfaction and the opportunities for additional exciting IT.


HP Datacenter Care is one of these improving services: IT staff will see an improvement in IT availability and more free time to work on strategic topics such as, for instance, implementing a Cloud. And Datacenter Care will also help in supporting that Cloud, closing the loop. It will immediately enable additional features and enhancement of the support service that will in turn open additional uses of technology.


That is how we build the solutions for the future.


I’ll keep you informed on the latest developments in HP Datacenter Care service.

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