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Insight RS 7.0.5 is now your HP Proactive Care solution

A few days ago I noticed Insight RS Standard 5.70 is no longer downloadable from the HP Software Depot.  As you might have already read in previous articles, such as ‘Are you installing HP Insight Remote Support? Good news! HP Engagement Desk is “on the house”!’ Insight RS Standard was the recommended software solution for small to midsize businesses monitoring up to fifty devices. If it is no longer available, what is the right remote support solution for SMBs?  What should our HP customers be replacing Insight RS Standard with?  Isn’t this solution the recommended solution for Proactive Care services?  


On October 2nd 2012, HP released Insight Remote Support 7.0.5 , which is the solution capable of monitoring up to five hundred devices.  There are many new features available in this improved solution, and the GUI is very different from what Insight RS Standard looked like.  I strongly recommend moving to this solution; start to get familiar with the software, the prerequisites, installation procedure and most importantly, what devices can be monitored by Insight RS 7.0.5.


As any other good advisor would, let me share with you the main link to the Insight RS documentation. On this valuable web page you will find firsthand information necessary to get to know the solution.  You can start building your knowledge-base by reading the HP Insight Remote Support Release Notes.  In summary this document describes the supported products and prerequisites for the software.


Insight RS 7.0.5 is focused on those ProLiant Gen 8 servers that can be monitored by using the iLO 4.  However, if you have legacy ProLiant Servers from Generation 4 and later models, you can monitor them by using SNMP or WBEM management protocols.  Other devices like EVAs (HP P6000), P4000, P2000, Integrity Servers, selected Non-Stop servers, Blade Enclosures, HP Printers and even third party IBM and Dell running windows can be monitored by Insight RS 7.0.5.  A complete list of managed equipment can be found in the Release Notes previously linked. (above)


The hardware and software requirements, connectivity prerequisites and operating systems supported on the host for Insight Remote Support 7.0.5 are pretty much the same as for Insight RS Advanced 5.80.  The hosting device must be a Windows 2008 x64 or x86 ProLiant server, or Windows 2008 x64 or x86 VMware Guest (the VM and the IP address must be static).  If you wish to install HP Systems Insight Manager 7.1 and integrated those two applications, you must keep in mind that HP SIM 7.1 is only supported for installation on a Windows 2008 x64;  x86 is no longer supported.  


Installation Guide for Insight RS 7.0.5 recommends using the local Administrator account or an account that belongs to the Administrator group to perform the installation. This is due to enhanced security features on Windows 2008 as well as later versions.


HP Insight Remote Support continues communicating over an HTTPS/TCP 443 outbound with established back to submit incidents to HP and retrieve entitlement information from HP Support.  If firewall rules need to be created to allow access to HP, you can use the following alias for the configuration:  I recommend reading the article Insight Remote Support: configuration matters written by my esteemed colleague Lisa Ann Williams. It explains in detail the IP address and aliases used by previous versions, which are pretty much the same as for Insight RS 7.0.5.   


I personally believe the major changes from Insight RS Standard to Insight RS 7.0.5 were driven by two important technology changes on ProLiant Servers and Cloud Services.  Those changes include the Gen 8 ProLiant Servers being able to send alerts through the iLO 4 (Integrated Lights Out 4) without the need to install SNMP management agents in the OS or WBEM providers. Additionally, there is the latest innovation, where HP offers customers the capability to observe their monitored environment on a cloud service such as Insight OnLine


Let me also mention that for HP Proactive Care Services, HP Insight RS is a must; any company that purchases Proactive Care service from HP must install Insight RS in their environment to automatically monitor the equipment under PC Services, and to submit hardware automatic collections to HP, as well.  HP is recommending installing Insight RS 7.0.5 for those purposes unless you have an environment larger than five hundred devices; if you do manage more than 500 devices, Insight RS 5.80 is the recommended solution until Insight RS 7.0.5 supports larger environments.   


I encourage you to install Insight RS in your environment. It will definitely make your IT management and monitoring less expensive and less complicated, reducing risk and significantly accelerating resolution time.  If you require assistance just send an e-mail to


We will look forward to working with you at no additional cost. 


Until next time,




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sigmawaite | ‎12-05-2012 07:51 AM

On my HP 4p Laserjet printer, am getting error message


13 Paper Jam


If feed paper from the cassette, get this in 1-4 sheets.  If

use the control panel to ask for manual feed, insert

a sheet for manual feed, and send the printer a file

to print, then right away even before the paper moves

get message 13 Paper Jam.


I have the manintenance manual and a CD video on

how to replace the little finger that sometimes

gets broken, and the finger is okay, and I took

the printer apart down to removing the main

circuit board, and can find nothing wrong.  There

is certainly no paper jammed in the paper

path.  The circuit board was not very dusty,

but I did use a can of air to blow off each of the

four U shaped optical sensors. 


I like the 4p a lot and have some software that

works well with it, and I like the parallel

electronic interface,  so I don't want to lose

my 4p. 


What could be wrong?  What else to check?


TS_Guest | ‎12-11-2012 06:09 PM

Hello sigmawaite,


Thank you for your comment.


Although this is not a consumer support page, we definitely want to send you in the right direction - you can look for more information at our HP Support forum:


Hope this helps!

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