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When it comes to remote IT support, automation is a key differentiator

The World Wide Web is more than an information highway. For HP, it’s also a method of providing technology hardware support quickly, efficiently and automatically to holders of a standard warranty or any type of contractual agreement, all across the globe. Lately more and more customers are getting to know the software solutions available to enable this feature in their IT environment at no additional cost. Smart people out there!


Think about it: HP provides software that will alert the Support Center about a potential problem and create a case automatically. For this type of capability, Insight Remote Support (IRS) is definitely the tool that you want to implement. For those who have not noticed the powerful solution behind IRS, I want to make them aware that an alert is not the only task that IRS will perform automatically. Think for a minute: Automatically reduce cost, reduce risk, and improve availability. Now we are talking about automation. 


By simply automating the monitoring tasks through Insight Remote Support, IT managers can reduce the IT budget dedicated to operations and maintenance and instead use the extra dollars in developing new projects, essential for keeping the business in the market. IRS will centralize management, enabling IT personnel to view the full status from a single application, rather than using multiple tools. This means your IT personnel only need to get involved in critical business alerts, not wasting valuable time on alerts with a lower severity that are not so important for the business continuity.


HP Insight Remote Support automatically creates a case and assigns it to a remote engineer at the Response Center.  In the support case, the engineer will find attached a detailed description about the issue, listing spare parts necessary and even a starting point for troubleshooting purposes if required to deeply analyze the problem.  Furthermore, the alerts are not just issued when a failure occurs. HP has worked on a prediction mode in order to minimize the risk of a potential hardware component increasing the availability ratio.


Besides reducing cost and risk, IRS saves you time and ensures availability of your high-end equipment. IRS allows you to manage your assets and entitlement information automatically, reducing the time necessary to properly create the case and search for entitlement information prior to engaging the Response Center. The alerts, if desired, can also reach the HP Authorized Service Provider (ASP) or Reseller of your preference.  Some customers due to their location find it much more efficient to have its HP ASP receive the alert and quickly work on solving the event.  All this functionality is customizable from the tool itself. 


Insight Remote Support has exceeded customer expectations when it comes to accelerating resolution time, improving availability, regaining control and reducing cost and risk to maintain your business successfully. HP has also invested a lot of effort in helping customers  get familiar with the software solutions available; installing and configuring the application remotely through HP Virtual Rooms. The Insight Remote Support Engagement Desk provides virtual Web presentations to customers, HP Authorized Service Providers and HP Resellers who wish to know more about the solution before implementing it. 


If you wish to schedule a Web presentation about Insight Remote Support, ask your HP representative to internally submit a lead, to which one of our IRS specialists will be contacting you in less than three business days. You can also reach us by sending an e-mail to with your contact information. If you once had a dream to automate and centralize monitoring, HP has made your dream come true.


Learn more about how HP is evolving IT support with the new HP Support Center.



Mr_T | ‎05-26-2011 02:14 PM

Charles, this is really great stuff.  I first experienced this sort of operation years ago with the SureStore XP's ability to "phone home" when a problem was detected.  To now have that sort of rich, proactive functionality across the enterprise is truly exciting.  To have it at no extra charge is mind-blowing.


One quick question:  What is the best way to address concerns about network security?  Are all connections outbound from the customer site to HP?  Are special firewall rules required?  I know this was a perennial issue with solutions prior to IRS.

charles_quesada | ‎05-27-2011 12:09 AM

I agree with you Mr_T, it is great stuff.  Insight Remote Support uses an outbound connection to HP using SSL/TLS over HTTPS, port 443 with establish back connectivity, to answer your question about firewall you can read the firewall/port requirements section on the Security Overview for A.05.50, page 25, those are the settings from the CMS (Central Management Server) to HP Backend Servers, for firewall settings from CMS to the Monitored Environment, I recommend to read through the HP SIM Security White Paper, page 12, port listing.


For any questions about network security you can contact the support center at 1-800-334-5144.  If this is a new customer which will like to know about the product the HP IRS Engagement Desk can set a virtual presentation about IRS and any security questions can be address at that point.  Any other questions please let me know.

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