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DPTIPS: Important VMware CBT information for DP 9.02 users

Me_Screens.jpgThe world of Enterprise Software can be "challenging".  (Astute readers will note the screen content.)  Altering one of a thousand interrelated parameters occasionally results in unforeseen effects elsewhere.  Though we try our utmost to avoid such problems, a gremlin sneaks through now and then.


If you are using version 9 of Data Protector with patch bundle 902 applied and you employ Change Block Tracking (CBT) in your VMware integration backups, I want to make you aware of a Customer Advisory issued 24-Feb-2015.


Please click the title above or the "Read Blog Article" link below for full details.

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DPTIPS: Data Protector StoreOnce Software Information and Best Practices

Me_Bowtie.jpgHave you had an opportunity to try out the StoreOnce software that is now built in to Data Protector?  You can use your own server and storage to mimic what HP's StoreOnce appliances achieve at a larger scale.  Hosting a StoreOnce catalyst store within Data Protector is often the right fit for branch offices and smaller sites.  Best of all, you can replicate deduplicated data from a software store to an appliance-based hardware store.


Even though StoreOnce software offers ease of use, anyone implementing enterprise-class software can benefit from a collection of information and best practices.  I am very excited to publish the contents of a new customer advisory from my HP EMEA colleague Stewart Macleod.  Click the article title above or the "Read Blog Article" link below to read Stewart's impressive document.


I have added naught to the main article save for a brief introduction and closing.  A large THANK YOU goes to Stewart for taking the time to assemble the information!

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DPTIPS: When a cell gets a little too secure

Profile_Bowtie_small.jpgThe boss has been on you like bark on a tree to do something about lax security in your environment.  Nothing is exempt including Data Protector.  Security boffins point breathlessly at your DP clients listening indiscriminately on port 5555 when they hit your shop with penetration testing.  They weep, moan, and gnash their teeth because, "Anyone can stand up a rogue Cell Manager and take control of your DP clients!"


What's a SysAdmin to do?  Aha!  DP has a client security mechanism enabling access control.  We'll simply secure the cell!


Hey wait!  Why are all of my Oracle RMAN integration backups now failing?  The actual database backs up fine, but it chokes on the control file backup at the very end of the session.  Filesystem backups seem unaffected.  What gives?  Find more details in the full article.  Click the title above or the Read Blog Article link below.

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DPTIPS: StoreOnce 3.11.4 software release addresses Shellshock vulnerability and more

profile_bowtie1_dptips.jpgYes, I know it was only two weeks ago when I unfurled the 3.11.3 banner.  But that's no reason to send the Bristol folks off on holiday!  No, they've been working quite feverishly on yet another release to address concerns over the recent Shellshock bash shell vulnerability that affects so many *nix based systems worldwide.


Release 3.11.4 became generally available on 15-Oct-2014.  I applied the 3.11.4 RPM update to two different StoreOnce 4900 appliances just today.  It's quite painless.  Come inside and see what other fixes are included in 3.11.4 making it a desirable update.


Click the article title above or the Read Blog Article link below.


(And yes, it's self-tied.  I don't do clip-ons.)

DPTIPS: StoreOnce 3.11.3 software released for appliances and VSA

Mr_T_profile_480x480.jpgI'm happy to announce that StoreOnce software release 3.11.3 is now available for download.  The release is available as both an RPM upgrade and a Quick Restore DVD image.


Who can benefit from version 3.11.3?  Everyone!  If you have a single-node or multi-node Gen 3 hardware appliance, you can upgrade to the latest version and enjoy new features and enhancements.  Customers utilizing our unique 4 TB or 10 TB VSA solution can also upgrade to 3.11.3.  Lastly, many of our Generation 2 D2D appliances can be converted to Gen 3 software via the Quick Restore DVD option.


Please read the full article to discover which Gen 3 products support the upgrade, find out what Gen 2 products can be converted, review a summary of fixes & enhanced features, and see instructions for locating the downloads.

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