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"What if Machines Could Tweet?" Part 2: An interview with Antonio Neri

Neri_Aug11__HR.jpgAt Discover 2013 in Las Vegas earlier this summer, audiences gave HP Technology Services Senior Vice President and General Manager, Antonio Neri a very positive response to his Innovation Theatre presentation, “What if machines could tweet?”  


We continue with Part 2 of this interview which focuses on his views about  HP Proactive Support, as well as the continuing evolution of support for the new style of IT.


Q:  HP Technology Services has already started to raise the industry bar with HP Proactive Services and the Technology Services and Support portfolio. With your creative outlook -- what do you think the next innovations might be?


Antonio:  We are now more focused on what I call the automation of processes.  As we look forward, particularly with the journey to the cloud, we know that we are going to have to develop more pre-emptive types of services. We’re going to use analytics to drive the next level of portfolio and delivery capabilities that we need. This is going to take time, but HP has the intellectual capital and technology assets to be able to accomplish this.


If you think about it, consulting plays a huge role as we look to the future. Customers need advisory services to enable them to transform their businesses via IT. They also require managed services, and our consulting team is uniquely equipped with the technical background and experience to facilitate this transformation. Our support team plays a very significant role, as well, as we move from the reactive to proactive services.  The next logical question then is How do we move from a proactive to preventative approach in our customers’ IT environments? 


Q:  In the past you have talked about how we’re translating our intellectual capital to make this vision approachable in the same kinds of ways we use social media outlets. Can you explain how this will create a very personalized support experience for our customers?


Antonio:  Think about it.  One could build a unique social platform for a specific IT environment. Let’s say you are our client and we have enabled your product to be able to communicate with your newly converged infrastructure. When those kinds of communications are deployed inside the datacenter, you instantly know about things like status or code revisions -- that can know when to automatically update simply because of the shared messaging between machines. We can’t forget security, though, that might drive a certain kind of on-premise type of social platform, allowing the right people to be able to intervene when necessary.


So -- using social media as a way and means allows us to integrate technologies and people in ways we haven’t been able to in the past.


Q: It truly is a very exciting time to be involved in the IT industry. Do you have any closing thoughts about the future and how we’re taking it forward to help customers move to the New Style of IT?


Antonio:  You are right, it is a very exciting time in the IT industry, and I am very excited to beleading an organization with the strengths and capabilities of HP Technology Services. Many of the services and support engagements that we deliver to our customers have a major impact on businesses, in local communities – or even on the world stage.

We have some of the industries most talented IT professionals who work diligently every day to deliver the best support experience in the industry. Our people solve real customer problems and help to make our customers’ businesses run effectively and efficiently from both cost and resource perspectives.


I think the opportunities that lie ahead for market innovation and customer success are limitless. 


Conclusion: Thank you, Antonio, for sharing your unique perspective on the future of IT services and support. 

We’ll be speaking with Antonio in the coming months about other exciting developments from HP Technology Services.


You can view his complete Discover 2013 Innovation Theatre presentation (video) here:


You can also review supporting slides for Antonio’s presentation:

What if machines could tweet? Future support experiences for the new style of IT


 Listen to Antonio talk about the next generation of IT support (podcast) - download here or listen below.


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