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NFC contactless mobile payment becoming real??



by Marie-Paule Odini, Chief Technologist, Communications and Media Solutions, HP.


I was visiting some friends in Nice, south of France, and they pulled out their mobile phone to pay for the bus! I had left Nice few years ago when people did not even dare paying for the bus :-) I guess the municipality has understood that the better the tool is, the easier it is for people to use it !

Here comes the social machine!



by Jeff Edlund, Chief Technologist, Communications & Media Solutions, HP.


The opportunity to integrate machine communications to a human

Social networks and collaboration technologies have grown tremendously and have now started to enter the realm of business. Many businesses are faced with the challenge of aggressively social networking for business development or missing this new communications opportunity.Many executives in the business world still view open collaboration and social networking as having little value and may in fact jeopardize the business if it is not controlled like any other Enterprise IT process.



What's Hot in Media, Mobile, Telecom?




by Marie-Paule Odini, Chief Technologist, Communications and Media Solutions, HP.


Last week I got the chance to participate in a panel for the Electronic Business Group in Paris on "What's Hot" in our business. Interesting subject especially when you have different perspective with an analyst (ComScore), a NEP (ALU), an operator (Orange), a chipset vendor (QualComm), a Korean phone vendor (LG) and an IT vendor (HP)... But we all came to the conclusion that some subjects were definitely top of the list:

How can OSS Transformation help CSPs bring new value to their customer?



by Sigge Andreasson, Worldwide Solutions Marketing Manager, Communications & Media Solutions, HP Enterprise Services.


As consumers, rich communications and media services have become part of our lives, whether at work, at home, or on the move... Today, we're spoiled for choice with a constant stream of service offerings, promising new ways to do business and easier, improving interaction with friends and family. Only a few years back, new services arrived on the market once every ten or twelve months, if we were lucky. We've come to expect simply to click to subscribe and use new services in seconds. And we want it all delivered onto our devices of choice, wherever we are.

Few open slots for our next CTO Summit, co-hosted by Telecom Italia, focusing on the theme of M2M!



by Jeff Edlund, Chief Technologist, Communications & Media Solutions, HP.


We have just a few open slots for our next CTO Summit, co-hosted by Telecom Italia, focusing on the theme of M2M! You could join your industry peers from CenturyLink, Facebook, Qwest, Reach, Shaw Communications, Telecom Italia and USAID at our 11th HP CTO Summit in May 10-12 located in the beautiful San Clemente Palace Resort in Venice.

A Rainbow in the Sky



by Alain Decartes, Worldwide Senior Solution Marketing Manager, Applications and Cloud Enablement, Communications & Media Solutions, HP Enterprise Services.


When you are in Barcelona, Spain, you're usually enjoying a large blue sky while sitting in the sun. The weather is not a typical topic of conversation. Why should it be? It's normally so predictable. It takes an event like HP's Communications World to get people talking about clouds in Barcelona. And when the keynote speaker is Sally Davis, CEO of BT Wholesale, everyone forgets about weather forecasts and packs the conference room to listen.

Predictions 2011: If Pay-Per-Use Comes to Broadband, Then What?



by Joe Weinmann, Worldwide Leader, Communications Media & Entertainment Business (CME), HP.


In the first part of this post, I outlined arguments from a much lengthier analysis (PDF) regarding recent carrier announcements concerning tiered pricing for broadband services.

Not only is such pay-per-use a clear trend, but arguably the natural outcome of rational consumer decision-making as light users actively choose not to subsidize heavy ones by paying for more capital-intensive resources than they use. However, if pricing plans are no longer "unlimited", but increasingly granular and usage-sensitive, one can predict massive disruptions in the current ecosystem and reversal of some trends of the last few years. However, as with all such shifts, this will create new opportunities and drive new technology breakthroughs.

Is Pay-Per-Use for Broadband Inevitable?


by Joe Weinmann, Worldwide Leader, Communications Media & Entertainment Business (CME), HP.


Exactly 20 years ago this month Tim Berners-Lee invented the browser, HTML, and the World Wide Web, but things really took off six years later when America Online switched from pay-by-the minute dial-up to unlimited flat-rate plans, causing usage per sub to more than triple (PDF). Recently, however, wire-line and wireless providers are circling back, either Your text to link...trialing or instituting tiered or pay-per-use pricing, and in the world of cloud computing, pay-per-use is touted as a major benefit. Pricing plans may seem like an arcane topic for marketing professionals, but are driving fundamental questions regarding global capital expenditures and the sustainability of the current content and network ecosystem. If pay-per-use prevails, what are the implications on industry structure and new business opportunities?

Managing the internet of things: M2M workshop at HP Communications World Barcelona



by Marie-Paule Odini, Chief Technologist, Communications and Media Solutions, HP.


Beyond the existing billion of PCs, tablets and mobile phones, more and more devices embed communication capabilities. Soon there will be more machines communicating with each others than humans! This is the hidden world... my fridge will tell the grocery store that I need more food, and a robot will start to pile food for me on a small electric truck with navigation system to come and deliver to my house! Ok I still need to open the door, but who knows -- soon there may be a robot for that too! I will simply use a remote control to authorize him to open the door!

Passion for Mobile Device Management? Can it be true?



by Alain Decartes, Worldwide Senior Solution Marketing Manager, Applications and Cloud Enablement, Communications & Media Solutions, HP Enterprise Services.


I enjoyed chairing the Mobile Device Management Telco Congress in Berlin, and while the reasons folks attended this event were varied, all were passionate about MDM and the industry at large and I have never seen such a large number of people staying for the last debate at the last hour of any conference I've attended in the past! Relaxing at the terrace of a brasserie facing the Brandenburg Gate while enjoying a Frankfurt Weise bier with some Berliner bratwurst, I sat recalling the events of the previous two days - and I'd like to share these with you.

M2M Communications at the 2011 HP CMS CTO Summit



by Jeff Edlund, Chief Technologist, Communications & Media Solutions, HP.


The origin of M2M communications is a bit cloudy because of the many different technologies that can claim their heritage and roadmap leading to the M2M category. RFID, Smart Metering, Telematics and Telemetry would all boast to have invented the category. M2M seems to have begun around the year 2000, possibly earlier, when cellular technology first began to be connected directly to other computer systems. An example of early M2M use is OnStar's in vehicle communications and telemetry system.

How Can Carriers Thrive?



by Joe Weinmann, Worldwide Leader, Communications Media & Entertainment Business (CME), HP.


In today's macroeconomic maelstrom complicated by rapid technology change, evolving customer needs, and a shifting regulatory environment, how can carriers grow and prosper? Where should they enhance strategic competitive differentiation via internal development of proprietary capabilities, and where should they rely on upstream partners who have a critical mass of expertise and can achieve scale economies by amortizing innovation investments across a wide base of customers?

Are you stretched to the limit?



by Oded Ringer, Outsourcing and Management Services, Communications & Media Solutions, HP Enterprise Services.


As competition from "over the top" service providers continues to grow, CSPs need to be able to introduce new services quickly and cost effectively. And they must do this without increasing operational expenses.

Embracing over-the-top opportunities - riding the wave of data traffic




by Nigel Upton, Customer Driven Initiative Leader, Communications & Media Solutions, HP Enterprise Services.


With the sheer number of mobile users soaring worldwide, mobile operators find themselves in a powerful position in the communications market. But they also face huge challenges with the emergence of over-the-top (OTT) services causing data traffic to skyrocket. Operators need to seize the significant new opportunities OTT offers by transforming the nature of their relationships with OTT providers.

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  • Alain Decartes has over three decades experience working in the Telecommunication and IT Sector. Here he has had roles in a variety of sectors including the Value Added Service, Cloud Services and Apps Store market worldwide. He has strong skills in international sales, marketing and business development. Alain is HP Software’s worldwide Industry Solution Marketing Lead for the Communications, Media and Entertainment (CME) industry and sub-segments. In the past, Alain has held senior roles with Unisys, Comverse and Prodata Belgium. He is a popular speaker, moderator or chair at worldwide industry conferences. Alain has been a Board member at the International Association for Enhanced Voice Services. He has also won a number of Industry accolades including The Messaging Industry Association Special Recognition Award. Alain received a Civil Engineer in Telecommunications degree from the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons in Belgium.
  • I am working on business process consulting. My interests are in telecommunications space with a special focus on media market. I coordinate knowledge management activities and thought-leadership programs
  • I’m the HP executive leader of the Big Data and Analytics product line for the Telecommunication market. 20+ years of valuable experience in: building new business, strategy, delivery, partner channel, alliance, sales, marketing, product and people management in Big Data analytics and in Telecommunication.
  • Sigge Andreasson is Worldwide Solutions Marketing Manager for OSS Transformation, CMS at HP. Sigge has more than 25 years of experience in the telecom and software industries, and has held a number of different positions during his career with HP, spanning telecom engineering, pre-sales and marketing. Sigge holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.
  • Julia Mason-Ochinero is WW CME Marketing Lead, HP Enterprise Marketing. In this role, Julia is responsible for driving dialog with CSPs on how they can transition to sustainable, profitable business models and enter into co-opetition with over-the-top (OTT) content providers who are changing this industry’s landscape. She joined HP in 2010 from Accel Partners (where she worked as a consultant.) Prior to Accel, Julia held marketing leadership positions with companies including Adobe, Nuance, OpenWave, Novell, Nuance Communications and RealNetworks. She began her career in Chicago working with organizations including AT Kearney, Andersen Consulting and Ameritech. She currently resides in Silicon Valley.
  • Marie-Sophie Masselot is bringing her thought leadership in business transformation in the telecom arena, thanks to her latest role as the marketing lead for the HP Solution Consulting Services practice worldwide. She is coming with a technical background as computer sciences engineer, having held different positions from software development through supply chain or sales support in telecom companies.
  • Michel Ferachoglou has over 20 years in IT and Communications, holding senior Product Management, Business Development, and Marketing positions with HP, as well as held various people management, strategic and business planning roles. Today, Michel is leading the NFV marketing program for CMS, along with a number of cross-portfolio activities within HP CMS Solution Enablement team.
  • Marie-Paule Odini is a seasoned HP executive, bring over 25 years of telecom experience. She has deep expertise in both the networking and IT environments, bridging voice and data. Marie-Paule is the HP CTO for Europe, responsible for the Communication and Media Solution organization, focused on customer innovation and emerging trends. She leads the technology discussions for M2M, Analytics and Cloud. She seats on ETSI and other standard bodies. She is a frequent industry speaker and editor in professional magazines, blogs on HP Telecom IQ and tweets on CMS twitter account. Marie-Paule’s prior responsibilities include managing HP’s worldwide VoIP program, HP’s wireless LAN program, and HP’s Service Delivery program. Since joining HP in 1987, she has held positions in technical consulting, sales development and marketing in Europe and in the Americas. Those roles have focused on strategic and operational responsibility for Networking, IT and operations. Marie-Paule holds a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University and business education from INSEAD, Paris. Prior to joining HP, Marie-Paule spent five years with France-Telecom/Orange research and development labs, defining architecture and value-added services launch for corporate customers. She also worked with standard bodies and industry forums at that time. She enjoys skiing and outdoors in general.
  • Oded Ringer overlooks HP's worldwide marketing and enablement for Actionable Customer Intelligence (ACI) solutions. With many years in the Telecom industry, at companies like Alcatel-Lucent and TTI-Telecom, Oded focuses on Go-To-Market strategies bringing together Products, Business, Operations, Sales and Marketing.
  • Richard Arthur has enjoyed the last two decades of the wild ride that has been the communications industry since deregulation. He is currently leading the Services and Solutions Marketing team in HP’s Communication and Media Solutions business unit. This role embraces transformative telecom solutions including telecom cloud services, outsourcing, solution lifecycle services, OSS/BSS and network platforms. Richard is also managing the CloudSystem Service Provider Program in HP.
  • Grace has initiated and implemented in last decade the first support contracts for large Telecom operators like France Telecom, Vodafone, BT...Today she is in charge of developping support services which are maturing with a shift from reactive break/fix models to more-proactive and enhanced offerings that add business value.
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