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20 reviews of the HP Web Printer (aka The HP Photosmart Premium with Touchsmart Web All-in-One)

My day job gives me an amazing opportunity to meet and talk with customers.To get firsthand feedback on how HP technology and innovation helps their everyday lives is incredibly powerful and motivating. We listen closely to what our customers want, what they like about our products -- and just as importantly what they don't like -- to dream and build better solutions. So when customers told us they wanted an easier way to print and share what they create and read on the web, we went to work. One result of the HP-customer collaboration debuted last fall and is known as the HP
Photosmart Premium with Touchsmart Web AiO
  (also affectionately known as "the HP
Web Printer
"). We asked real families to test drive it and give us their opinions, including the 20 reviews listed here.

Want to know what it's like to print with web-based apps -- no PC required?  Get more info and read on:

Moms (Lifetime TV), by Lindsay Reed Maines
"All in all, I highly, highly recommend the HP Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web All-in-One Printer- the quality of print and ease of use out of the box make it a winner in my book." See the full review ...
Real Life, by Sarah (plus video)
"You can use this printer to print out documents, coupons, Google Map directions, movie, and SO much more!  And you don’t even have to touch your computer!  It is truly amazing!" See the full review ..., by Kristina Sauerwein
"When the printer arrived at our home, courtesy of HP, my husband was wide-eyed with excitement. It was as if I had handed him an aphrodisiac, or a weekend pass to play golf, or a ticket to the World Series." See the full review ...
Booty Cakes
, by Renee
"I know, we should not covet anything, but I just can't help myself...I
can't even begin to sing praises for this printer loudly enough...The HP
Touchsmart can work stand alone, in other words if your computer is
shutdown you can still print from the web apps. Apps- yes, your read
that right. Apps for the printer. Right now the Touchsmart has 18
different apps that can be used, especially by busy moms like me. " See the full review ...
by Danielle
(plus video)
"HP Touchsmart Technology is amazing…with only a touch, you can connect to the online world and access….well, just about everything." See the full review ...
DesignHER Momma
"...How full of awesomeness can it really be? Umm....only 18,000 different shades of
awesome. It doesn't "just print".It quickly
prints beautiful pictures on demand. It prints double sided documents. It
makes copies. (colored too). It faxes (oh yes it does). It
scans. IT'S HOOKED UP TO THE INTERNET, PEOPLE! See the full review ...
Tech Savvy Mom "...the entire family was quite impressed. Tech Savvy Daddy is impressed by the ability to browse Snapfish and print
directly from the screen, while the kids are in love with touching the screen to
print...The unit comes with a collection of Apps, arranged in a trendy and elegant
scrolling pattern. Wow, Apps for my printer. What will be next… Apps for my
toaster? Perhaps!" See the full review ...

Mommy Niri (plus videos)
"Once you buy it, it does not mean that is all you get. Thanks to the
wondrous nature this printer continuously can get updates of new
features. I really like that feature, as by the time I had it set up
there were already new applications out." See the full review ...
More Than Mommy (aka Quirky Fusion) "...the big reason for buying this printer over similar models is the Web
functionality. The Web printer comes with a number of different apps (with more
to download and others under development) that you can use without a computer at
all. There are coloring book pages and crafts, recipes, coupons, Fandango movie
tickets and Google maps. Since I have a laptop, I do like being able to print
things without having it connected. If I’m running out the door and need a map,
I’ll be thrilled to be able to print one without booting up my machine." See the full review ...
, by Stacy DeBroff

"We have all been there - somehow you spend 30
minutes on the computer, but as soon as the computer shuts down you realized you
forgot to print one of the things you originally intended. Amazingly, HP’s new
printer PhotoSmart Premium with TouchSmart Web allows you print what you need
without having to wait for your computer to turn on again. You gotta love that"
See the full review ...

Mom Spark, by Amy Bellgardt "I have had “all-in-one” printers in the past, but they were never this easy to
use.   Having the Touchsmart screen makes all the difference, really.  The steps
for scanning, faxing, copying, printing photos, etc. are all very straight
forward and totally done on the printer itself.  You can also access Disney, CBS
Interactive, Google, DreamWorks Animation, Fandango,, and others by using the
Touchsmart screen.  It’s like having a second computer (with web) and photo lab
on your desktop!" See the full review ...
Agent Mama
"I was able to print, scan, and fax over our wireless router
within minutes...No running back and forth scanning, saving, cussing,
scanning again, rinse, repeat, etc." See the full review ...
MomAdvice "As a mom, I love when appliances have me in mind. This printer has on the home
screen links directly to Disney and Nick Jr for free coloring pages, activities,
and recipes.  Other features include a relationship with for
customized coupons for your local area, Google Maps,  and Snapfish so you can
print photos straight from the printer from your Snapfish photo albums" See the full review ...
As Mom
"But, the thing that made me go, “Ooooh” was this: The coupons that
print from are formatted to use paper very efficiently. It
even prints out a list of the coupons you printed. I think this is a
really handy feature. I’m such a grocery geek!" See
the full review ...
(plus video)
"It was easy for me to set up.  In only 5 minutes I was printing
from the web; in
under 10,  I was hooked up to my computer.  Easy peasy." See
the full
review ...
The Pixel Boutique "Through the touchscreen, you can navigate to sites like Google maps,, Snapfish, Fandango and Nickelodeon and print what you need,
immediately. Without even touching your my opinion the Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web is the Cadillac of ink jet
printers."  See the full review ...
Making My American Dream
"With its stylish design, the HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web looks great sitting atop my desk and fits perfectly too. And the touchscreen adds a futuristic touch that just can't be ignored. I would recommend this printer to fellow moms as well as anyone looking to print high quality photos or have limited web access from your printer." See the full review ...
New York Chica "The features are amazing.  The one feature that struck me was that you can have your photos printed straight from the cell phone right to the printer.  I never thought, in a million years that a printer would work with a cell phone." See the full review ...
3 boys & a dog
";;;the boys really love the internet option and the touch-smart of the HP...I am keeping the HP in the kitchen with my laptop and sending the Epson to the
local high school. " See the full review ...
Art of Random Willy -Nillyness
"The printer also has automatic two sided printing which is a wonderful
feature. This printer is also connected to the Internet which makes it
wonderful. And even if you are offline on the computer you can still
access the
applications that come with the printer without having to turn on the
It comes with several programs that you can connect to at anytime. The
include Fandango, Disney, Google Calendar, Coupons, USA Today,
Nickelodeon, Google Maps and Recipes. I am sure I missed one or two but
you get
the picture." See
the full review ...




Thanks very much to all 20 families for taking the time to test-drive and share their opinions.

If you'd like to share yours, I welcome your comments and suggestions.


Angela LoSasso has a cool day job managing social media on behalf of HP's Imaging and Printing Group. Most days
(and nights), you can find her on Twitter.



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