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Real Moms Review the HP Web Printer (and They Dig It!)

Your Mama Reviews test-drives the HP Web PrinterWhy have real moms review the new HP Web Printer (aka the HP Photosmart Premium with Touchsmart Web AiO)? We think it's revolutionary to print without a PC via web-enabled apps from the likes of Google Maps, USA Today, Nickelodeon, Fandango, Disney, The HP Creative Studio and Dreamworks, but you might not take our word for it.

Like you, I read a lot of reviews before I hand over my cash to buy something new. Whether I'm buying a car, a new wireless router, a video game -- or my personal passion: kitchen gadgets -- you can bet your behind that I'm gonna check out what all the experts say. Afterall, they've got those fancy labs and geeks in white coats that live to put products through the proverbial ringer. (Full disclosure: I was the executive editor of reviews at CNET back in the late '90s, so I'm a geek, too.)

That said, I ALWAYS read reviews from real customers. I want to hear firsthand the pros and cons of using a product in a real-world setting. Because let me tell you: You can try as much as you want to re-create "real-world" conditions in a lab, but nothing compares to the real-life scenario of a product performing under pressure -- in a business setting under a deadline where a bid is on the line or in the home office when your mother-in-law is expected to arrive any minute. The bottom line is there's no greater compliment when your product performs well, and there's no better call to action when something falls short in the mind of your customer.

With that in mind, we sent the HP Web Printer to real moms across the country. You can find the first round of reviews below (plus you can find more feedback that's been posted to Twitter, Facebook, and other sites in our Word on the Web section  and video clips of real-world test-drives at

Your Mama Reviews
Bottom line: "I seriously felt like I was in some sort of magical Willy Wonka land when I printed my first document (THROUGH THE AIR!!) over to the printer...I have to say that this is pretty much the mackdaddy of all printers."



Izzy Mom
Bottom Line: "I also let my kids play with all the stuff on the internet touchscreen. It took them about five seconds to get into the Disney section and print out Aladdin coloring sheets and crafts, which, in turn, bought me a good 30 minutes of uniterrupted internet time. WIN! ...Would it be weird to say it's magical? Yes? Okay's just really cool..."

Sarcasm in a Skirt
Bottom Line
: "New electronics make me giddy. Like a two year old boy getting a box full of matchbox cards giddy. I almost kissed the UPS man when he dropped this off at my house...I printed 20 4x6 photos in less than 15 minutes...I printed coupons for grocery shopping on my way out the door (with no PC), while holding the baby in his car seat. Clearly when I can teach my kid to fetch me things I've printed and bring them to me on my throne the couch, I will be one step closer to complete domination (of my home)."

High Impact Mom reviews the HP Web PrinterHigh Impact Mom

Bottom Line: "My favorite feature above all else is the touchscreen technology with "web direct printing"!  My kids color a lot, in fact, KJ is sitting beside me right now coloring a picture of Dora I was able to access and direct print straight from the printer... I can also direct print picture I have already uploaded to Snapfish ... Not to mention how awesome it is to search for and print recipes and coupons straight from the printer right before I head out to the grocery...The amount of sanity saved here is easy to calculate. You take two screaming kids + one desperate mommy - the time it would normally take to search for and print a coloring page = silence and split second for Mommy to take a break. Thanks for that HP."


Aiming Low: Ali Martell review of HP Web Printer

Aiming Low: Ali Martell
Bottom Line: "...But then something happened. Something wonderful. I set this puppy up ALL BY MYSELF without breaking it. And then I used it by myself without breaking it. I printed up coloring sheets to keep Isabella when she waltzes into my room at 4am all bright-eyed and finished with the whole sleeping thing. Huzzah...coloring sheets at the touch of a touchscreen button! And, you all, there are customizable apps. APPS! Aiming Low: Ali Martell review of HP Web Printer where Ali has been caught petting pictures of her dog becasue the quality is "THAT GOOD"(But, here's a tip - - - do not put on the web sudoku app unless you really don't value your time at all, because, time suck)...I printed up 4×6 shots of the kids and sent them to my mother, who pretty much had a coronary when she opened her mail because she knows that I haven't printed up a single photo of my children since I got my first digital camera in 2002... I have even been caught petting pictures of my dog because good golly, the quality is THAT GOOD...So, now, thanks to this printer, I am an awesome wife (because I am not constantly asking for help), an awesome daughter (because I am sending pictures to my mother) and an awesome mom ...Could an electronic-equipment-challenged wife, daughter or mother ask for anything more?"


A Whole Lot of Nothing

Bottom Line: "In receiving the printer, I was asked to write an honest, personal review of the printer as I use it in my home and with my business. That's good, because it's hard for me to NOT be honest. I'm a horrible actress. I'm also a horrible joke-teller, but that's for another day. That said, I LOVE THIS PRINTER. I'm considering introducing a bill to congress making electronics marriage legal...My 3-year-old can use it to print Disney and Nickelodeon coloring sheets. The picture and graphics print quality is FAR beyond what I ever expected from a home printer..."










You can find an online demo and find more info -- including how to save up to $110 this weekend -- on the HP Web printer here.

Got comments and questions? Send 'em my way...


Angela LoSasso has a cool day job. Most days (and nights), you can find her on Twitter.


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