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The Wow Factor According to Bloggers: The HP Web Printer

Just recently, HP sponsored the Aiming Low blogger meet-ups in Boston and New York City. The Aiming Low gals and their fans don't mince words, but they're also well known for being fond of technology and products that make their lives simpler, faster, and better. If your printer is good, you'll hear about it. If it's not, you'll hear about it (and likely read about it on Twitter within minutes). So we were especially eager for the 150-plus bloggers who attended the events to test drive the new HP Web Printer. We also invited guests to bring their own digital photos so they -- and HP -- could see in real time what they think of printing without a PC.

What's the verdict? Watch and see for yourself:

Take an online demo and see how you can save up to $110 on the HP Web printer here.

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