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A Review of the Predictions for 2007

Last year I graded my predictions for 2006, so I thought I’d keep it up by looking back on my predictions for 2007. It’s a little early this year but since I’m looking out the rear view mirror, don’t hold it against me. My predictions for 2008 will be in a few weeks

The predictions for 2007 were:

  • Continued focus on virtualization – You can’t throw an adjective without hitting a story about virtualization in any IT magazine. Almost everyone is doing it now. A
  • Multi-core – cooler than ever. A
  • Concern about processing per watt – I thought about this one but it has far exceeded my expectations. I’ll give myself an A for thinking about it, but not for understanding the implications. I do wish that business value generation entered into the equation more. A
  • Offshore market shift – Things are happening here. The dollar is low. The turnover is high. China has yet to enter the offshore resources market in any big way. Model driven development has yet to take off. C
  • Redefinition of the mobile market – Once again things are happening. We’re waiting to see what happens with the spectrum auction in 2008 and the actual deployment in 2009. There are new and more kinds of devices all the time. I’ve yet to see it directly tied into many businesses processes the way I hoped. B
  • Shift from maintenance to development – I guess this was more of a dream than a realistic prediction. I was hoping that new business value generation was going to win out over inertia, but there is still a long way to go. I have seen a number of interesting tools. They just need to be taken out of the box, assembled, broken and assembled again. That’s progress. D
  • Personalization – Personalization activities continue. I’ve seen it being focused on more, but not in any significantly different way since 2006. C+

Three As, a B, two Cs and a D a little better than last year but that may mean I’m playing it too safe

One thing I didn’t see coming was w00t making word of the year. w00t!

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