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Big Data Realities

unlimited data.pngAs I was catching up on the various blogs I read, I came across this post: from David Vellante: Ten "Big Data" Realities and What They Mean to You. There is quite a bit of good content here and it is well worth reading if you are thinking about the opportunities as you move to the cloud.


A small excerpt:

"Here are the next ten things you should know about big data:

  1. Big data means the amount of data you’re working with today will look trivial within five years.
  2. Huge amounts of data will be kept longer and have way more value than today’s archived data.
  3. Business people will covet a new breed of alpha geeks. You will need new skills around data science, new types of programming, more math and statistics skills and data hackers…lots of data hackers.
  4. You are going to have to develop new techniques to access, secure, move, analyze, process, visualize and enhance data; in near real time.
  5. You will be minimizing data movement wherever possible by moving function to the data instead of data to function. You will be leveraging or inventing specialized capabilities to do certain types of processing- e.g. early recognition of images or content types – so you can do some processing close to the head.
  6. The cloud will become the compute and storage platform for big data which will be populated by mobile devices and social networks. 
  7. Metadata management will become increasingly important.
  8. You will have opportunities to separate data from applications and create new data products.
  9. You will need orders of magnitude cheaper infrastructure that emphasizes bandwidth, not iops and data movement and efficient metadata management.
  10. You will realize sooner or later that data and your ability to exploit it is going to change your business, social and personal life; permanently."

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