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Context Awareness

There have been a number of entries in the blog in the past related to context awareness. This week Richard Veryard had a number of entries in his blog related to context awareness.

They resonated with some of the things Jeff Wacker and I were talking about with an audience today. Context awareness and pattern recognition can turn a massive stream of information into something you can take action on. Using attention management techniques, the information can be provided to you in such a way that you know what to do with it.

If the information can be understood in context, rules can be fired and action can be taken. Context awareness is something at the core of the next wave of technology.

Context awareness can take latency out of the situation, regardless of whether it involves people or systems. Richard’s entry talks about advertising, but in reality it could be used to lay out the store differently, or change the product mix, as well as inform the person that if they are interested in X, they may be interested in Y. Those who can understand the data in context have a clear advantage.

Anonymous | ‎01-27-2006 03:59 AM

Clearly there are many important forms of communication besides advertising. And there are other important forms of service provision, and many other ways in which services can be differentiated according to context.

Charlie himself has blogged about Personalization and Personal Experience. Neither of these are possible without the service providers having access to some elements of the customer's context.

Anonymous | ‎01-29-2006 02:15 AM

There are other implications about context as well. Security is used today to keep people out. In many cases it is bolted onto the system/enterprise/ environment.

With more context, you can have less intrusive security. If security can derive things about you, it needs to ask for less to be sure it is you.

Secuirty needs to be used to guide people to the right behavior. To assist.

I think there is a whole blog entry I could write on that topic floating around out there.

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